Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#wiww: october 2

pleated poppy

I decided it might be fun to jump back on the What I Wore Wednesday train! Now that I have a place with a full length mirror, it makes things a lot easier. (Note, the room looks empty because it's my "spare" bedroom- but it's soon to be Charlie's room!). Here we go!

Sunday (after church)
Tank from TJ Maxx, Leggings by UnderArmor
Shirt-Thrifted, Leggings from Kohls (on sale for $4.99!)
Shirt-Thrifted, Maxi Skirt-Target
Sweatshirt and pants- Thrifted
I look like a bum today, but that's okay, because I'm spending the entire day (once I get done here) studying for the MAT. I'm super stressed out about it and I'm taking it TOMORROW!! I keep reassuring myself that it will all work out, but getting into grad school is quite stressful. When I applied to Alabama for social work, I didn't have any tests to take, but now that I'm trying to go counseling somewhere in Montgomery- it seems like they all require the GRE or the MAT. So, I'm just studying and taking practice tests and praying for the best!

{Edit: Since I have therapy this afternoon and church tonight, I figured that I might actually get dressed. So, here's Wednesday afternoon!}
Wednesday Afternoon
Shirt: Thrifted, Pants: Kohls

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