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I like blogs, you like blogs. I love the blogging community. Some of my favorite blogs that I follow have been found via other people's sidebars. But, sometimes it's hard to narrow down "who" to put on your sidebar. Sometimes the ads just aren't the right size. Sometimes you don't want to play the picking "favorites" game. Sometimes you want to help support your friends blog shops.

That's where this comes in. For the next few months, I want YOUR AD. I want the opportunity to tell others about all the cool stuff you're doing over at your little {dot} com home on the internets. And- get this- I want to do this for FREE. So, I've partnered with Passionfruit Ads to bring a little spice to the blog. If you look below, you'll see that I'm offering 2 sizes of ads. At any given time, up to three small ads and two large ads will be featured on the right sidebar of this little blog (I have them all set to rotate, so I'll be accepting more than 5 ads total). All you have to do is click that little button that says "Buy" for the size you are interested in. Once you get to checkout, put in the code CINDERELLA to make the price of the ad go to FREE. All ads will be approved before getting placed on the blog, so make sure that there's nothing inapropro- otherwise your ad will get declined. Sorry. I'm trying to get a job at a church someday, so we have to keep things clean around here. :)

Yay! Happy Blogging!

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