Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

something more.

I’m letting go
Of the life I planned for me
And my dreams
Losing control
Of my destiny
Feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe
So I’m letting go

This is a giant leap of faith
Trusting and trying to embrace

The fear of the unknown
Beyond my comfort zone

-Francesca Battistelli "I'm Letting Go"

I'm incredibly blessed. Unlike a majority of the world, I have a nice home, food to eat, clothes to wear, the opportunity to gain an education. I have 2 great parents and 2 brothers that, well, they're pretty awesome too all things considered. Why does it sometimes feel like I'm lacking in the purpose department? Why do I long for something more? Why is there always another goal to reach, some other level to obtain?

There has to be something more to this life.

Something more than just going about this life, graduating college, getting married, having 2.5 kids.

There has to be more to this life than things of earthly value. The things that we work to achieve in this world serve only one purpose. That they exist in this life-this world. The things we work towards for God's glory- not that it amounts to that much- are for so much more. These things will stay with us. They are to which we can find meaning and purpose. In the end, it won't matter how long it takes me to graduate college (the parentals would prefer that to be sooner rather than later, though I'm sure. In the end, it won't matter what neighborhood I live in or what school I teach at. It won't matter what career path I choose; it won't matter what I name my future children, what color the walls are painted, or what kind of flowers are in my wedding. In the end, the only thing that will matter is my relationship with God and what I have done with everything he has given me.

There's something more. I don't know what it is. And I'm a little scared about it. But I know it's a good thing.

I'm letting go, and letting God lead. After all, he knows what's best, right?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

one hundred.

If my numbers and Blogger are right...then this is post number one hundred on my blog. I can't believe I've FINALLY made it to the triple digits. It's kind of exciting. :)

Random facts:
1. My first blog post on this blog was on March 16, 2009. Almost a year! You can go see that first post here!
2. You can get to my blog by Google searching "rainboots". I don't know how many pages down I am, but apparently one of my readers has done it.
3. My most popular page is the homepage (um...duh!), and after that is my Adam Family Christmas post. I think that's because it was part of a blog hop. Not because people like to stalk my family. I hope. :)
4. Thanks to Twitter, you can stalk me even when I forget to blog! You can follow me @leadam.
5. I was going to list 100 cool, random facts...but I ran out of things to say at number 4. I mean, you don't really want to read a list of 100 things do you? I'm sure you have better things to do. :)

So, to celebrate, I made a collage of 100 pictures that have been taken since this blog started. It's much more concise than a list of 100 random facts. Yay!


Friday, February 19, 2010


I have built a city here
Half with pride and half with fear
Just wanted a safer place to hide
I don’t want to be safe tonight

I need You like a hurricane
Thunder crashing, wind and rain
To tear my walls down
I’m only Yours now
I need you like a burning flame
A wild fire untamed
To burn these walls down
I’m only Yours now

-Jimmy Needham "Hurricane"

I've been really thinking about missions lately. It could because of the fact that missions is mentioned everywhere in the news because of the Haitian earthquake, or it could be something else, but God seems to be really pressing on my heart the importance of getting involved in missions. Now, you should know, I'm not super fond of the whole international missions thing. It requires an airplane and flying over oceans- not exactly my cup of tea. Personally, I'm a fan of the local missions that don't really take me out of my comfort zone. But, lately I've been thinking that this mindset is probably (read: not) the right mindset. By all means, local missions are good. Even great. We need to help our neighbors out in times of crisis. But, maybe-just maybe, missions also means being willing to take a risk.

I think of people like Katie who aren't that much older than me, but have clearly taken a leap of faith. I mean, she's twenty something and has basically given her life plans  to serving in Uganda. And then I start thinking about how I get nervous about something like flying over an ocean. Or just flying in a plane. And it all sounds a little silly because , I mean God's really the one in control right? I mean, God has everything planned out in my life. Yeah, the whole flying thing is not something I'm super comfortable with right now. But, if God was going to lead me somewhere that required an airplane as the main method of transportation-who am I to doubt that he can get me there safely? Is an airplane/pilot/terrorrist/the ocean more powerful than my God? I mean, when you put it that way it sounds kind of silly. I mean, I know that things happen, but God is always in control. I believe that. God has the power to zap someone, the power to make a miracle happen. And the power to convince me that international mission trips may not be that bad.

And then we get to the whole comfort zone deal. It isn't that surprising that I'm a bit of a control freak. It's a weakness. I like to know how the day is all planned out, where I need to be, what I need to do, and make sure everything is going to plan. Which is great. Except for the fact that I believe that God doesn't follow my plans. He's a bit bigger and a bit mightier and a bit more powerful. And he's kind of like the creator of the universe. So, he likes to try and take me out of my comfort zone. Which I don't really like. Like, the fact that I was kind of nervous applying for a summer missions opportunity. (I haven't gotten it...just saying. It fits my story). This mission opportunity isn't that far away. It's in Alabama. The state I live in. With people that speak English and I don't have to fly on an airplane to get to. You would think that it would be easy to say yes to God on this one. Umm...nope. You see, it requires the whole summer (yeah...2 whole months) and me working with people that aren't completely like me. Oh- and it requires me to trust God. And it all sounds great- but, frankly, I'm a little nervous about trusting God on this one. Because, what if I do this thing and then he leads me somewhere else. Somewhere farther away and for a longer period of time...and what if?

I guess this is one of those things that I don't have all the answers for. One thing I know that I serve a mighty God, who has plans that are bigger than I could ever imagine.  I just need to work on trusting him with everything. He's not asking me to die a martyrs death on a cross or to suffer for his cause. He's simply asking me to get out of my comfort zone a little. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so. After all, he did so much more for me than I could ever do for him.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

no one higher.

There is no one higher
No one greater
No one like our God.


There is none more able
Christ, our Savior
Great and glorious.
-Steve Fee.

Friday, February 12, 2010

snow day!

I am convinced (not that I was ever unconvinced) that there is no such thing as global warming.
I mean, if it can snow in Alabama for THREE years in a row, there is obviously no such thing.
I had been planning to visit Auburn on Thursday for about a week. Then, on Thursday, suddenly people started talking about white stuff falling from the sky on Friday. By 10am Thursday morning, school for the boys was canceled, and it was decided that I would probably not be returning home on Friday,
Friday morning came and I was awoken by leaf blowers. Yes. Leaf blowers. So, I assumed it was not snowing. It began snowing a little later, and by lunchtime began to stick to the ground. Obviously, I was ill-prepared for the snow with not ski coat in Auburn. So, I went outside to take pictures, but stayed under the covering so I wouldn't get snowed on and cold.
I don't know how much snow we got up here, honestly....but it was a few inches. I went to dig my car out tonight so it would be easier to leave in the morning (I HAVE to get home to do homework. Too many tests Monday), and there was a LOT of snow on my car. I didn't get pictures after the sorry. I was a little cold and wet and just wanted to get inside to get Hot Chocolate. :)
So. Yes. It snowed today in Auburn, Alabama. No. I don't believe in global warming. Now, I'm just hanging out in the warmth of the apartment watching the Olympics. I'll do a post on that later. I'm tired and my bed (aka air mattress) is calling my name.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

terrific tuesdays.

I love Tuesdays.
I think that Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.


Because, Tuesday is the day that I go grocery shopping with my Mommy.


And we normally grab lunch, too.


Because that's what Mommies and Daughters do. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

a little help please?

I normally don't like to try new things.
Except when it comes to blogging (hence the new layout every so often).

I want a new blog title.
Not Your Everyday Cinderella is just too long. And I don't really have a meaning for it.
But, I want something exciting.
So, I Googled "Blog Title Ideas".
No luck.
I mean, "Life with Lauren" isn't cute. And "Lauren's Lair" just sounds awful.
I need a new first initial.

And then, the second idea on ehow was to use a song title.
I thought that was a cool idea.
Until I started going through iTunes.
Came to the conclusion that if my name was Caroline, I could have a sweet title. (Get it?)

I fail.
How did I ever come up with a blog title in the first place?
I just want something simple and easy.
And more exciting than "Lauren's Blog".
I thought creativity was one of my strong points.
Lauren's lacking in ideas at the moment.

I like cupcakes, princesses, and sprinkles.
I don't like pickles or tomatoes.
I need ideas.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

happy music.

I think one of the best ways to get to know someone is to look/listen to the kinds of music they listen to. I absolutely love listening to people's playlists. I feel like I'm getting some super secret type of information from them.

So, I got to thinking. And that's dangerous, let me tell you. I was thinking that I should make a list of all my favorite songs of the moment. And then, I realized not everyone would know all of them. So, I edited the list a little (okay a lot) and made a thingamabob for you guys to listen to. It's not much, but in addition to the link, I'm also posting the names of the songs and some comments to defend myself.

1. Hurricane- Jimmy Needham <---New favorite song!
2. Love is Here- Tenth Avenue North
3. Sweet Caroline- Glee <---How can you NOT like this one?
4. Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus <---I don't care if you can't see the Hollywood sign from LAX. I like this song.
5. Today was a Fairytale- Taylor Swift <---Taylor Swift is AWESOME. I don't care if she's for preteen girls.
6. Heartbeat- Remedy Drive
7. Live Like We're Dying- Kris Allen <---I knew I liked him more than "creepy guy"!
8. I'll Make a Man Out of You- Mulan <---Mandarin anyone?
9. Rebel Intro- Lecrae <---This one's for Desi. :)
10. How He Loves Us- David Crowder Band <---I love me some DCB!

You can find my playlist here (HINT: click on "here").

Monday, February 1, 2010

makes me smile

  • sprinkles on cupcakes
  • making scrapbooks with cute papers and chipboard
  • taylor swift
  • homework
  • wearing sweats all day
  • being creative
  • listening to hillsong united on the way to school
  • singling loudly, off key to aforementioned album
  • spending last weekend in auburn
  • looking back at old pictures
  • working on unit plans....i always knew i should be a teacher
  • passion releasing the track list!
  • chainbreaker by charlie hall
  • new. duggar. baby.
  • the fact kids will be learning about honor in sunday school this month
  • the fact that i can make references to princesses in my lessons now (see above)
  • brownies with frosting
  • tuesday is tomorrow
  • tuesday is chickfila + publix day
  • edtech being canceled on wednesday
  • downloading cute fonts
  • sleep
  • life :)