Sunday, July 31, 2011

three is a magic number.

alternately titled, thank you Schoolhouse Rock for helping me learn multiplication.

Three posts on my mind this week:

Three YouTube Videos I've Been Watching:

Yes. I know two of the videos are Ben Rector. Can't help it. :)

Three Pinterest-ing finds from this week:

via since my "embed" feature is messed up. enjoy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

polyvore means a very busy Lauren.

Alternately titled, what I wish I wore.

Knit dress  Bassike sheer top  Long tunic  Navy top  Hudson Jeans wide leg jeans  Striped romper  Kit pearl TOMS cork wedge  Canvas shoes  Straw tote bag  Spring Street silver bangle bracelet  Gold anchor necklace  Nautical belt

Since I'm lacking in the inspiration department at the moment, I thought I'd do one of my fallbacks. I mean, everyone loves a good Polyvore post, right? Let me just say...I am loving all things striped and "nautical-ish" at the moment! I think it all started when I found the perfect skirt at BR for my birthday (which is not pictured since stupid polyvore doesn't have it!) and has blossomed since then.

I'm SUPER PUMPED that summer school ends on Tuesday. Yes, that means finals in three days...but I'm almost through until the 22nd! Yipee! On the downside, since school is starting back, that means we are cramming in last minute summer activities to do with the youth group at church. Fun? Yes! Busy? Definitely! Add in a Women of Faith conference with my mom, a hopeful website re-vamp, and a girl trying to cut back on technology a little...and you get one Lauren that is still super busy and definitely not the best blogger. On the upside, I did sew a dress today. It was super easy, so look for a post in the coming days on that one! Yay!

make today amazing.

Friday, July 29, 2011

happy friday!


I would break out in a Rebecca Black moment here, but apparently that would be uncool.
So, I'll just wish everyone a Happy Friday and move on with my day. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Women of Faith.

Women of Faith Imagine

This August, my mom and I are attending my first ever Women of Faith event! I'm pretty excited. Last December, I experienced Beth Moore for the first time. And, I got to meet my favorite blogger, Angie Smith, who will also be at Women of Faith this fall! I'm going to be a review blogger for Women of Faith at this event (thanks to BookSneeze), so keep an eye out for more posts about this sure to be super fun event.

Are any of you guys planning on attending? Let me know! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

so what if i'm a planner?

I don't keep it too big of a secret that I'm a planner. I mean, I take pride in my color-coded Excel spreadsheets. I'm just that kind of girl. I'm also a fan of journaling and I like to keep a planner (as in the calender kind) with me at all times. I'm a huge fan of the cheepy ones from WalMart and the like, but as my life has gotten busier, these little ones just couldn't keep up with me. This summer, I've found myself forgetting things left and right. I cannot stay on top of things (could be the 6 hours of school- crammed into month- and the twenty hours-ish of work each week). But, I'm just tired which is leading to forgetfulness. And I hate being forgetful. It's like my biggest pet peeve EVER (okay. maybe it's second to being late). But, regardless, I've started the search for a planner for this next year. I know it's going to be busy and I have to stay on top of things. I need to ensure that I remember all my homework, appointments, and the such (and remembering to eat and brush my teeth and other important stuff like that).

At first, I was going to make my own planner. You know, super creative like I did for Mom's Christmas present last year.

But, then I decided I needed something more detailed then I was willing to put the time in for. Since time is money and all and I don't have enough time in the first place (though I'm thoroughly enjoying a lazy weekend for the first time in a LONG time). So, I started looking at various sites that sold planners. I started with Target and Walmart...and failed. Then, I moved on to Etsy. I found some I liked, but the shops were closed until August. And I didn't want to wait that long. I pondered the MyAgenda, but wasn't feeling it. Then, I got an email from Erin Condren. 2011/2012 Life Planners now on sale. Super cute. Personalized. Colorful.

Check. Found my planner. It's a little pricier than I planned on, but I found a $10 off coupon code online. And I justified the fact it was pretty much what I was looking for. And would last me until graduation from college. And...I get a paycheck now, so I can splurge every now and then. :)
You can go here to check out and see what all the fuss is all about. (No, I'm not getting paid to do this. I didn't even get a discount. I just like them this much that I wanted to share it with you.) Obviously, since I just ordered it, I don't have my planner yet. It'll be a week or two before that. But trust me- I'm planning on sharing about it once I get it in the mail. Hurry Mr. FedEx, hurry!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

weekend playlist.

So, I haven't done a summer playlist since last month.
Totally planned on making it a regular feature. It just hasn't happened.
I was thinking (a dangerous pastime, I know). And while I was thinking, some songs popped into my head.
And I was thinking that I should make a summer playlist of these songs. I'm going to blame it on summer mission trips bringing back "old school" worship songs from middle school and that bringing me back to the "days of old" and non-worship Christian music of the early 2000s. Gosh. I do this reminiscing thing too much for a twenty-something.

1. Beautiful- Bethany Dillon
2. God Of Wonders- Caedmon's Call
3. This is Your Time- Michael W. Smith
4. Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble- Delirious?
5. More- Matthew West
6. Dream- Michelle Tumes
7. Written on My Heart- Plus One
8. I Want to Know You- Sonicflood
9. Here I Am to Worship- Tim Hughes
10. With All of My Heart- Zoegirl

Thursday, July 21, 2011


sheisclothed youmakebeautiful

Since this week is OVER (for me at least. I am SO excited I can sleep in tomorrow!), I decided some free printables were in order to celebrate midsummer. :)

The two images above are 4x6 prints that you can print on your computer (or at Walgreens). Just click on the image to see it full size, then right click and save! Easy peasy! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, last Saturday (the sixteenth!) I turned twenty-one years old. Big deal. Super exciting. I know right? I figured that since I remember each and every part of this monumental day…I should share it with you. :)

First, I woke up super early to go to church for our sponsor brunch. We get sponsors for our youth mission trips each year and we did a little brunch to thank them and tell them about all that we did. This girl got to wake up super early to go cut up some fruit. After the little brunch, I went with a group of kids to one of the many Mexican restaurants in town. (Somebody forgot to tell this girl that you get whip cream smeared on your face on your birthday!) It was super fun, of course.


Then, I went home for a little bit to get ready for that night. You see, I had big plans to see this movie called Winnie the Pooh. So, Mom, Daddy, Max, and I saw the 4:30 showing that night of Winnie. It was super cute and awesome. (And we were probably the only ones there that didn’t have an Under 5 with us.) THEN, we went to my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, Salsarita’s. It’s like Moe’s. (Which is the bomb dot com). Then, we went home for CAKE!

DSC_0062 DSC_0064


For my birthday, I got these babies. Guess who’s going to see Ben Rector this September in Birmingham?? THIS GIRL. I am SO EXCITED. Not even kidding.


And that, my dears, is how you spend a twenty-first birthday. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Crafty/Creative Time!

Since I had some extra time on my hands this afternoon (and I really really didn’t want to study for my midterms on Monday…) I decided to work on something crafty. I mean, I love being crafty. But I really didn’t feel like breaking out the sewing machine. So, I decided to work on some projects that I could hand sew. Because I’m cool like that. :) DSC_0020

The first thing I worked on was this headband.DSC_0022  

I found some felt circles I had cut out last Christmas when I was working on a project, so I sewed them together (they were freehanded circles, just cut out of regular craft felt you get in a rectangle for 50 cents at Hobby Lobby). Then I put a button in the middle. Because buttons are super cute. Then, I took a cheap hairband I found in my drawer when I was cleaning last weekend (I’m pretty sure it was from a “Spa Kit” I got when I was 12) and I sewed the little “circle flowers” on. It was super quick, maybe took 5 minutes. And now I have this cute headband! :)DSC_0079DSC_0052   DSC_0073

Next, I deconstructed a headband I made a few months ago. I had made some felt flowers (using a tutorial similar to this one, except I used hot glue) and put them on a grey headband. It was cute, but the flowers were way too big to both be on the headband. Since I used hot glue, it was pretty easy to take apart. So, I removed the flowers and hot glued them onto a hair clip. This way, I could put them on whatever headband I want to (the one pictured below is Vera Bradley) and I can wear them separately. I can also just clip them into my hair or onto a sweater. I was pretty thrilled when I thought of all the possibilities for these babies!

DSC_0050 DSC_0042 DSC_0069

So yes. Now I have some new hairbands. (And since I have an obsession with hardbands- um hello, look at my backseat in my car- this is a very good thing.) The total cost for all of this was FREE since I found all the supplies in my house (Really, everything was in my room). Um. Yes, please. I think I will have to do this more often. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

For a moment a band of thieves in ripped up jeans got to rule the world...

Last installment coming...tomorrow.
Until then, enjoy these quotes.
Gee. I love Pinterest.
Makes this thing I call blogging SO. MUCH. EASIER.

By the way, is anyone else being nerdy and going to a midnight showing of this AMAZINGLY AWESOME movie? Because this girl is. :)

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

And just for giggles...

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Psh. By now, you should know where that title came from.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

it's official. i'm eloping.

Sorry Daddy. Didn't mean to give you a heart attack. I'm not eloping at this very minute. No worries.

I think it all started when I came across a little blog called "Our Marriage Project". I'm not really sure who pointed me in the direction of this fantabulous blog, but it's pretty amazing. In a nutshell, boy met girl and they fell in love. He proposed. They hid the engagement for six months and did a surprise wedding. (Please go to the blog and read their story. It's actually much more exciting and romantic than my summary).  The main reason they did this was so that the focus on their wedding day would be on God and not themselves. And I have to say this kind of got me thinking about the focus of weddings.

While I know that my wedding day is pretty far in the future, I don't think it's too early to think about this kind of stuff. It seems like weddings have gotten kind of out of hand. Dresses that cost thousands of dollars (that will only be worn one day). Multiple photographers and videographers. The perfect venue. It's all things that we think about and plan. I mean, the average wedding costs twenty eight THOUSAND dollars. That's more than a little ridiculous. I recognize the fact that weddings are a big deal- but maybe we've materialized them like the rest of our lives. I have to question whether Christ is at the center of these events. Is he being worshiped? Is he being glorified? Or is the the bride and the groom's day and we just shove Jesus in the corner? Sure, we pray a prayer and someone sings a pretty song. But, is the focus on the couple or the creator?

In the midst of all these thoughts, Nicole posted this little post on her blog. And while I'm not completely sold on the idea of eloping (because I love my family and all), maybe there is something to be said about a small, intimate ceremony (one that displays how God is at the center of the relationship and the importance of family and all that fun stuff) and have a reception (with friends and extended family) at a later time. It could be like a great big party to celebrate all that God has done! (Of course, there's a small part of me that wants to go to Vegas and get married by Elvis just to say that I did. But that's another story.)

Thoughts? (And not about the Vegas thing. I was kidding. I SUPER promise that one.)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Post Title: "Long Live" by Tay-Tay Swift. Psh. You should have known that was coming.

Monday, July 11, 2011

long live all the magic we made.

I don't think I've ever written about my deep love of Harry Potter here before.
But, if you must know, he's been a pretty big part of my life.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

For a good section of my teenage years, I was thoroughly convinced I was going to marry Harry Potter. (I know, I know. Call me a nerd.) As the years passed on and I grew a little older and gained more wisdom, I realized that these books that I had idolized, written papers on, and read millions of times, were simply works of fiction. So, when the last book came out in 2007, I tucked that little section behind me, stopped going to bookstores at midnight, stopped wearing robes, and stopped dying my hair orange (true life: I wanted to be Ginny Weasley). I kind of didn't know what to do with myself. I started reading Harry Potter when I was in 4th grade. I was literally reading it before all of my friends. I remember when Book 3 came out. I remember when the first movie came out. It was kind of a huge deal.

Well, it all really comes down to this Friday. After the last movie is released, this door of my life will be officially closed. I mean, it's not like I'll never read the books or watch the movies again. (I plan on reading them to my future children someday.) But, there's a time for everything and a time to "grow up" and "move on". So, this week, I'm remembering all the magic we made...

Post Title: Long Live by Taylor Swift

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pintrest-ing Finds.

1. Sometimes I feel like doing this to my younger brothers. (Hey-honesty is the best policy!)

2. I'm kind of a grammar freak.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

3. I think this would make an awesome Christmas card.

4. I love the colors of this picture. But, I also kind of want it in my future house. (But my dorm room would be okay, too. I'm sensing a tent party this fall!)

5. You should look forward to some Harry-themed posts this week!

6. I want to make one of these (I'm a headband kind of girl. You should see the collection I have in my car).

7. This one's not pintrest-ing. But, David and Victoria Beckham named their baby girl Harper Seven Beckham. Which I think is the coolest name ever. Because Harper is my favorite baby girl name and seven is my favorite number! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home Video Fanatic.

I'm a home video freak. For serious guys, that's probably the numero uno reason I liked the Justin Bieber movie. Something about little kids doing silly things makes me giggle. So, I decided I needed to share some old Adam Family home videos with you guys. I mean, I think they're pretty cute. The quality is so not great (converted VHS to DVD and then uploaded to computer) but...they make me giggle. And since I like giggling (and typing that word...)

This one is from right after I turned three. I know. I have a squeaky voice.Don't have to mention that one. I thinking there's a reason J.B. got the record contract and I didn't (even though I was cuter). Probably something between the fact I couldn't sing, I threw guitars on the ground, and...I forgot the words. (Make sure you turn the speakers up, the sound isn't amazing on this one).

I know I know. I cut the video wrong and it went into the next part and then cut off halfway through. Blame Windows Movie Maker for that one. If you're wondering what my worm's name was Snake. Yes, snake the worm. No, we didn't have an impromptu science lesson on how worms and snakes were different. I was three. They both wiggle and are cute.

This one is from right after we moved to Alabama. I was in the 4-5 year old range. Not quite sure the exact date on that one. Our neighbor found a kitty cat at the front of our neighborhood and gave it to us (she already had a few). I named him Kittybaby (because he was a kitty and a baby...duh!) and he was pretty much the coolest cat ever. Let's just say I began my bossy days with him. My brothers can blame the cat on this one. :)

So. That was my life. If I feel like procrastinating might get some more videos. Let's just say I was a pretty cute kid that made up lots of songs and and had my mommy and daddy video tape them. I was so a video blogger before vlogging was invented. :)

Living a Life Worthy of the Gospel

Let us first of all teach ourselves to walk in the commandment of the Lord. Then we must teach our wives in the faith delivered to them, and in love and purity, to cherish their husbands in all fidelity, to love all others equally in all chastity, and to educate their children in the fear of God...praying unceasingly on behalf of all, refraining from all slander, gossip, false witness, love of money, in fact, from evil of any kind. They should know that they are God's alter, that everything is examined for blemishes, and nothing escapes him whether of thoughts or sentiments, or any of "the secrets of the heart". Knowing that "God is not mocked", we ought to live worthily of his commandment and glory.
Similarly also the younger ones must be blameless in all things, especially taking thought of purity and bridling themselves from all evil...therefore it is necessary to refrain from all these things. The young women must live with a blameless and pure conscience. Be compassionate, merciful to all, turning back those who have gone astray, looking after the sick, and not neglecting the widow, orphan, or one that is poor. So then, let us "serve him with fear and all reverence" as he himself had commanded.
-Polycarp, Letter to the Phillippians 

So, I know this guy lived circa 156, but I think he had some good things to say. And seeing as he was burned at the stake for his faith (after telling the emperor "You try and frighten me with the fire that burns for an hour, and you forget the fire of hell that never goes out")...I think he knew that it was a challenge sometimes to live this Christian life. But, he persevered. He finished the race and kept his faith. So, I have to think that taking his advice to heart would be a good thing. Are we living lives worthy of the gospel? (I feel like I've heard a Francis Chan sermon on that one.) 

Back to Church History homework now. Don't you know that reading about 2nd and 3rd Century Church Services are fun? Ten more essays to write summaries on. :)