Monday, September 26, 2011

Saturdays in the South

There’s a little football player that means so much to me. 010edit_1013028253

He wears the number 2 so that he can have the same number as Cam Newton did at Auburn.


There’s something about Satudays in the South that make me smile.



There’s nothing I love more about football than watching my baby brother run in a touchdown (Yes, that kid is the kicker, QB, and he can run the ball. Talented, I tell you).

132 136

And that’s what I love about Saturdays in the South. It’s not all about college football. It’s not all about dressing up and tailgating. It’s not about who’s going to go to the National Championship this year. It’s about sitting in the stands in your hometown, in the stadium that you sat in during high school cheering your team on and watching your baby brother play football on the field you marched with the band on. It’s about cheering on the hometown team.


Go Indians!

(If you want to see how cute the kid looked the first year he played, you can go here, here, and here. These are all from 2009. Apparently, I didn’t blog about the games last year. Go figure. )

Friday, September 23, 2011

Football Friday: It's Fall Yall!

I am SO excited to finally get a chance to participate in Nicole's Football Friday. Because, really, I like football a little too much. Because, you see, in the South, this is how we feel about our football.

Source: None via Lauren on Pinterest

I'm pretty excited about Fall though. I love the *week* that it's a little chilly, but not too chilly. I'm not a huge cold weather fan, but it normally goes from HOT to cold here. Happy Fall!

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

This party would be super cute for an AUBURN tailgate.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

And, of course, let's not forget cute gameday outfits. Dare to dream girls, dare to dream.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And that's life...

I'm still alive. Promise.
I just have a little thing called writer's block.
I'm a little burnt out on writing things because of the three million-gazillion papers I've written in the past week.
But, no worries. I'm sure this thing will end by October.

For now, I thought I'd just share some things that are on my mind.

1. On a completely non-serious note, I have a Google Plus now that they're open to the public and not just to super special people. Am I the only one that is completely baffled over this social networking site? (Actually social networking in general. I really wish I could live without the desire to be constantly connected to people.) Since I know that I'm adorbs and I'm only really using Google Plus like a Twitter (meaning no super secret information), feel free to add me. I'm right here. I'll be sure to update my status when I brush my teeth, take a shower, and eat food. (Since I know you're dying to know that kind of stuff, right?) Totally kidding. That kind of stuff bothers me. I don't like knowing that much about other people's business.

2. Biblical Womanhood. This topic has been floating around in my head for a bit. Two things were the catalyst for this topic. First, I discovered this blog of a woman who is trying to live a "Year of Biblical Womanhood." Honestly, I think she's gone about it all the wrong way (it isn't about not cutting your hair or covering your head and other legalistic things). But, this was one thing that started my thought process. I also started looking into Grad Schools and seeing as the ones I'm looking at are tending to be on the more conservative side, it got me thinking about this subject. In addition, I listened to this talk and read this post on submission. Interesting thoughts, I'm still not sure where I fall on the spectrum and all that jazz, but it's interesting to think about. What are your thoughts on the topic? (I hope I'm not opening up a can of worms here.)

3. Pinterest Finds. I'm all about decorating for the holidays right now. Halloween is right around the corner- We need some cheap fall decorations in this room. Then, Christmas. I love Christmas. Though we're going to have to have Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations up at the same time because of the way that Finals fall.

I like this promise.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And how does this line up with the honor code again?

Okay. So, I might be about to go on a conservative rampage for a moment. 
But, I'm not going to apologize.

I go to a private college with Methodist affiliations. Now, I know that the Methodist denomination as a whole is not super conservative. And I know that this is a liberal arts college. But we do live in the South and I think this is too far.
Yes. You read that right. Hall program this week? Oh- we're just watching Jersey Shore and leaning about practicing safe sex.

Let that sink in for a moment. Sex. On. The. Shore. 
I pay how much for this religious education?

I feel like something is terribly wrong with this picture. I know that everyone that attends HC doesn't hold the same values as I do. I understand that. But, as an institution, I feel like we don't need to advocate for the values of safe sex. According to my reading for my C.S. Lewis class...there is no "safe" sex. There's emotional consequences involved in all of that. The whole "two become one" thing? That's for marriage, guys. I feel like a Methodist university has a responsibility to uphold these values. I'm not quite sure why almost monthly we have to have GYT days in the Dining Hall. I mean, yeah. That's what goes through my mind as I'm getting lunch. "Oh yes. Got to remember to get myself tested this month. I'll do that while I eat my chicken sandwich". Seriously. What about our honor code that everyone signs?
As a student of Huntingdon College, I hereby dedicate myself to the principles of Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, and Stewardship in all aspects of my life. I will be accountable for all that I say, write, and do. I resolve to keep myself above reproach, realizing that my words and actions impact others’ perceptions of this institution. I will participate actively in the efforts of Huntingdon College to fulfill its mission of Faith, Wisdom, and Service.
What's up with that? I guess safe sex is being "responsible", but I don't think the college sponsoring such an event has anything to do with integrity. I don't think it's keeping oneself above reproach. And I think that this could impact other's perceptions of this institution. I know that being a Christian university doesn't necessarily mean everyone hear always acts like a Christian. I get that, really, I do. I know I'm pretty conservative when it comes to this stuff. Tell me I don't have to attend hall events, it's okay...I'm not. But, this event is taking place right outside my room. I don't want to fill my mind with this stuff. I strive to live a life above reproach. That is a goal. I get why secular institutions may do events like this, but as a university that claims to be Christian, I believe we are called to live according to a higher standard. A standard to be different from the world and to not conform. We are called to live lives that are WORTHY OF THE GOSPEL. Is "Sex on the Shore" living a life worthy of a gospel? I know, I know, some people think Jersey Shore is funny. But, the values of this show do not line up with the gospel that this university claims to support. And I can't think that advocating for premarital sex (since advocating for "safe sex" IS advocating for premarital sex in dorm/college environment) is either.

Here's the thing. I love my college. I love it.
It's the best college I've been to (and I've been to three, so that means something).
But, I'm just saying. This bothers me.
I think this is a reason to be concerned.

Monday, September 12, 2011

31 Days of Change

Sweet Annie brought to my attention of a neat little blog party that is happening in OCTOBER! Lots of bloggers are getting together and coming up with their own topics to blog about for 31 days. Darcy is holding a link up here. While I’m definitely wanting to join in on Annie’s Writing Symposium (that’s what I’m referring to it as anyways!), I really wanted to come up with something of my own. After all, I do have on my 101 in 1001 list to blog every day for a month, and I’ve yet to do that. It may take a little scheduling, but I’m pretty excited about it. For my 31 days, I am going to be blogging about CHANGE. It’s a little word that can be good…or can be bad. We’re going to go with the good side of things. 31daysofchange
I’ve got a little bit of a plan of where we’re going to go with this. Nothing’s set in stone, but right now, I’m planning on blogging on several different aspects of change. Each topic is going to have five days devoted to it. We’re going to be talking about life changes (changing your outlook, changing your fears, changing your faith, etc.) for the first five days. Then, we’re going to launch into the GREAT MISSION PROJECT. I’m going to be highlighting five different causes (and probably more than five missions organizations) that we can support (through prayers or financially) to make a change in the world. Then, we’re going to do a 180 and get some creative juices flowing! I’m going to be blogging about ways we can change our blog design, our photography, and fun stuff like that for days eleven through fifteen. Then, we’re going to narrow it in a bit and get serious. We’re going to talk about changing our self-image and how each and every one of us is beautiful in our own, unique, and special ways.
That is what I have set in stone. At some point, we’re going to talk about decorating and how we can change our spaces to make them super cute! I’m going to be highlighting in on decorating small spaces on an even smaller budget and working with what we already have. You don’t want to miss this part. And then, I want to talk a bit on BEING A CHANGE. I’m not sure where this fits in (Outside the GREAT MISSION PROJECT) but I want to talk about being the change you want to see in the world. We’ll see where that fits in. I’m super excited about the things I have planned. October will be a super fun month for sure, so if you don’t already follow the blog, click that little button on the sidebar so you can be updated whenever we add new and exciting things! Yay!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Honestly, this is probably the hardest post I’ve ever written.
Today is September 11th. A majority of Americans have spent the day remembering a day ten years ago when we realized that our nation was not as safe as we thought. We had a sense of invincibility, but on that day ten years ago, we were attacked on our own soil. We had a sense that we were “God’s Chosen People” and were untouchable. Yet, on that day, terrorists boarded planes and flew them into buildings, killing thousands of people and changing our nation forever.

But, today is also another anniversary. It’s another day of remembrance. It’s another huge event in my life. A year ago today was the last day I spent in Chicago. A year ago today was the day when I realized that I was not as powerful and invincible as I thought I was. A year ago today, I was in the hospital in the midst of having a nervous breakdown. I haven’t really blogged about what happened a year ago. But, I think it's time.


But, I’ve really begun to work through everything that happened recently. I guess what was the catalyst for all of this is that I read Angie Smith’s new book “What Women Fear”. I’m realizing a simple fact that everyone else BUT me figured out a long time ago- I have a LOT of irrational fears and I allow them to control my life. Like my fear of pickles. It sounds silly right? But I’ll run around a room away from pickles. They scare me. It’s just a fact of life, right?

You see, there's things  I don't even blog about because, well...I'm scared. I don't like people knowing my buisness. I don't really like airing my dirty laundry. It's tons more fun to point out other people's flaws and pretend like I don't have any problems. But, I guess that's what my book is about. How I'm not perfect. In the midst of working all this, I read this post by Caitlin, and I was like "Whoa! Did she read my journal?". I mean, for reals guys. Go check that baby of a post out. This line really stuck out to me "And I know it's true. I'm lying to others and I'm lying to myself. But why? One word. Fear." I mean, whoa buddy. That's my big problem. FEAR. That sentence hit me where it hurts. WHY am I lying to myself? Why am I lying to others by pretending like I've got it all together, when we all know that I don't. Oh- and then this one. "Why are we {read: why am I} so afraid of letting others see our fear? We're only human, so it is natural that there is something, or many things, in life that would cause a little trepidation on our part." Oh girl. This is what. is. right here.

Since it’s been a year, I thought I’d share my story of what happened a year ago. While to most people, September 11th was a day that brought America to it’s knees, to me it was a day that brought ME to MY knees.
God, I know you’re here. Even when I’m wandering. Even when I’m doubting. I’m trusting in you to work this all out. Let your will be done. Let my life shine for you. You’re all I want. You’re every breath I take. It’s all for your glory. Amen.
–Journal entry from September 29, 2010
There’s a specific moment when I reached my low point. I refer to it as “Chicago”. I think the story really begins here, because before this point in my life, I really didn’t know that I had a problem. It was just before my twentieth birthday when I had it placed on my heart that I needed to go on a mission trip. If you’ve never had this feeling before, I really can’t explain it. It’s like something is pulling at you, and…it’s indescribable. Let’s leave it at that. It was serious enough that I knew that I needed to take a semester off of school and “find direction”. Since I like school and all, this was a pretty serious thing. I found a program that places college students in neighborhoods all over America for a year, and I felt that this was where the Lord was leading me. I applied in July, learned I was headed to Chicago two weeks later, and then I was in a car headed “up North” one month later. This Alabama girl still didn't know what snow boots really were. It was all really quick.

When I arrived, I was completely terrified. No lie. I got out of the car, unloaded my stuff, hugged my mom goodbye…and then it hit me what I had done. I wondered what I had done and why I had done it. I began to panic. Even though I knew that it was a good thing- I was scared. I mean, I’ve grown up in a small town in Alabama. Our excitement on Friday nights is football games in the fall and going to Wal-Mart. I had moved twelve hours north to a big city. A big city where there was snow in the winter time. A big city where gangs weren’t just groups of boys that got themselves in trouble sometimes, but rather were men with guns that did violent things. It was kind of scary. Add in the fact that I was living with five girls that I had met five minutes earlier- and you have a panic attack waiting to happen. I began to listen for any and every noise outside. When I saw a drug deal occurring right outside my front gate- that was it. While these people were “nice” and “liked the ministry” and “would protect us”…I wasn’t fully buying in to that.

After being in the city for a week, I became sick and had to go to the doctor. Suddenly, something that wasn’t that big of a deal (a basic infection) became a big deal. Since I had no doctor, I had to go to the emergency room. Being the only white female in the vicinity, I was stuck in a room at the end of the hallway all by myself. It was pretty lonely, and scary. That was the first time I had to do something like that by myself. I was sent home with medication, but my anxiety was at an all-time high.I wondered how a loving God could send me to this place. I could not stand to be in that city any longer, but I feared returning home because I didn’t want to disappoint people. I began to think that killing myself was the only way I could get out of that situation.

The next morning after talking to my Mom and the director of the organization I was there with, I decided to go to a different hospital in a different part of town. There was a suspicion that my thoughts were just a drug reaction. But, when I got to the hospital, I was told that I was not allowed to leave. The nurses asked me all sorts of questions, most of which I lied about. I had a sense that if I told the truth that they would not let me leave. Since I didn’t trust them (since they scolded me for coming to Chicago), I didn’t see value in telling them everything. (Not something I really recommend by the way. You should probably tell the truth to medical personnel. But seeing as they kept yelling at me for my "crazy decisions"...I can't say I'd change what I did)  I remember sitting in that bed, all by myself thinking “How did I get here?” Why would the God that led me to Chicago by placing a love of missions in my heart, that cares for the poor and the broken, let me get to this point? I thought I was doing the right thing. Yet, here I was about to be admitted to the psychiatric ward. That moment was when I realized something was wrong.

I ended up leaving the program and returning home for “personal reasons”. While this solved my “I’m scared of getting shot” problem, it intensified my “I’m a failure” problem. It’s something that I’m still ashamed of. Why was I not strong enough to overcome my anxiety and stay in Chicago? Mental health problems are embarrassing. Nobody wants to admit that they are medicated for anxiety related problems. Sometimes, I’ve wondered if my friends would still love me in midst of my problems. I’ve wondered what the girls that I lead in my youth group would think of me. Would they still look up to me? I wonder if I’ll ever find a boy that will still want me as his wife and mother to his children, knowing about my problems. After all, I couldn’t even last a week on the Southside. But, these fears are just as false and just as unhealthy as my fear of pickles. They aren’t going to enhance my life, but rather they will hold me back. So, I’m coming clean. THIS is what happened. This is why it “didn’t work out”. This is me. I’m done hiding.

This is what September 11th is to me.

Monday, September 5, 2011

bottom line: don't be stupid.

This weekend, Security from my college sent out an email with reminders to the students about guidelines for the upcoming year. While I would think most of them were pretty obvious, apparently some people still don't know. I took out the ones that were actually useful (or weren't funny) and added my own commentary. 

1)  During the past week Security has discovered vehicles being left unlocked around our campus with personal property lying in plain view.  Everyone should make sure that their vehicle is secured and you should not leave your personal property such as clothing, CDs, etc. lying in plain view due to the fact this is very inviting to a criminal.During the past week Security has discovered residence hall rooms and offices left unlocked and unoccupied.  You should always secure your room or office door if unoccupied.  This is for your safety and the security of others, in addition to protecting your personal property.  If you must keep your wallet, purse or currency in your room or office, I strongly recommend that you secure this property in a safe or a locked desk drawer or file drawer.  When unlocking your door always remove your key(s) and do not leave them hanging in the door lock. I also want to stress the importance of keeping all windows located on the first floor of each residence hall secured at all times for your safety and the safety of others.

Basically, don’t be stupid. We’re in the middle of the highest crime zone in the city. Lock up your stuff if you don’t want it stolen.

3)  I want to caution you about walking around the outer perimeter of our main campus and the Cloverdale Campus after dark.  Avoid walking alone, if at all possible, especially after dark.  Don’t forget you can contact Security twenty-four hours a day for an escort.

As previously stated, walking around at night in a neighborhood like ours isn’t very smart. Be smart.

6)  As you know, our Cloverdale neighbors surround our campus.  You should respect them and their property by not playing loud music in the parking lots late at night or driving recklessly up and down the side streets (especially vehicles or motorcycles with loud mufflers).  Do not litter, for there are plenty of trash cans around campus and, with your help, this will greatly reduce the work of our college staff in addition to keeping our campus looking its best.

Dear rednecks and hoodlums, turn down your music. I shouldn’t be able to distinguish the lyrics at ten o’clock at night in my room on the third floor.

8)  There is a crosswalk with a yellow blinking caution signal for our students walking to and from Cloverdale at the intersection of Fairview Avenue and Bankhead Avenue.  When using this crosswalk you must look both ways before crossing.  Do not assume that a vehicle will stop just because you have the right-of-way.  Use caution and pay close attention to oncoming traffic.

Stop, Look, and Listen. I know we don’t know how to use crosswalks in Alabama, but…

12) Do not climb or jump over the campus gates or fencing because this will cause damage to both.  If you need a gate unlocked, contact Security.

There’s a gate there for a reason.

16)  When the power goes out here at Huntingdon, the office telephones do not work.

Really? Never would have guessed that one.

17)  To prevent fire, do not put paper products in the cigarette butt cans.

Seriously guys. Paper is flammable.

18)  You are not permitted to use the campus green as a driving range or putting course.  This policy was made years ago for the safety of persons on our campus and to keep damages from occurring to our buildings, vehicles, etc.  There are numerous driving ranges and golf courses in and around Montgomery where you can play or practice your golf skills.

There’s a golf course across the street at the country club. It’s green and there’s not people walking. Oh- and there’s holes.

20)  Riding in the back of a pick-up truck is fun, but this can also be very dangerous. You could fall out or be thrown from the bed of a truck, which could result in serious physical injury, or loss of life.  Your safety while here at Huntingdon is our responsibility.  I would like to discourage each one of you from riding in the back of a truck.  Think for a moment: you are not wearing a helmet and you are not wearing a padded suit.  The odds of you receiving some type of injury if you were to fall or be thrown from the back of a truck are one-hundred percent.  I can only caution you about what may occur while riding in the back of a truck.  Since there is no law prohibiting you from doing this, I hope that you will refrain from doing it for your personal safety.

Only in Alabama.

22)  If the elevators at Blount Hall, Bellingrath Hall, or the Library were to malfunction, contact Security immediately.  The elevator phone button should only be activated when you are trapped inside due to a mechanical problem, etc. Rendering a false alarm is a crime.

Because you know, Security can fix broken elevators.

23)  I would like to caution everyone about getting into a confrontation with others. This type of behavior could lead to serious physical injuries not only to you, but also to others.  Whenever someone approaches you and you believe that a confrontation may occur, just turn around and walk away and contact Security immediately.  Do not jeopardize your safety and the safety of others. 

Seriously guys. Be smart. Save it for the football field. I think LSU learned this one already.

26)  I want to remind everyone that a visitor in any residence hall must be escorted at all times by the person he/she is visiting while inside the residence hall.  Do not let persons into the residence halls as you are entering or exiting unless you know that he/she resides there.  If you observe a suspicious person(s) hanging around the entrance door of any residence hall or if you observe a suspicions person(s) walking around inside any residence hall, contact Security immediately or notify your RA or RD immediately.

Seriously guys. There was a hobo living in the study room last semester. Don’t let creepy people in.

31)  As we approach hunting season, this is an important reminder about the possession of weapons on campus.  No student, faculty, staff member, or anyone who visits campus, is allowed to possess a weapon on school property (loaded or unloaded), whether in your room, vehicle, or on your person.  Only sworn law enforcement personnel are allowed to have a weapon on campus. Violation of this policy could result in expulsion (if you are a student), termination (if you are an employee) of the College and could result in your arrest or incarceration. Please refer to your Student Handbook, page 54, for a list of items that are considered to be weapons.

Once again, only in Alabama.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


And you know what Saturdays in the fall in Alabama mean, right? It means it's game day!
Here's a look at the games that are on my radar today. While some of these have already occurred, I actually had my list drawn up last night. :)

1. Auburn vs. Utah State
I think this game has set the tone for the rest of the season. While I'm not going to say it's all going to go downhill, a close game with Utah State definitely means Auburn has some work to do. This is definitely going to be a "rebuilding year" since we kind of  lost of some of our great players. But, a wins a win. So, I guess we'll have at least one this year (though hopefully more, since this girl would kind of like to roll Toomer's before the trees die!).

2. Oregon vs. LSU
The Ducks take on the Tigers tonight. Here's the thing, I really can't root for either of these teams. I kind of dislike both of them immensely. I can claim to be an SEC kind of girl- but there are three teams I will not go for (Florida, Alabama, and LSU). That aside- I think this could be an interesting game. Partially because LSU's starting QB and a RB won't be playing (because they're kind of in jail) and partially because I think this is going to show the state of the SEC this year. LSU has had a good team (and even won national championships), but Oregon played in the National Championship Game last year. That said, I think it could be a game to watch (especially since I don't really care who wins).

3. Boise State vs. Georgia
Unlike with LSU, I really do like Georgia. And I kind of don't like Boise State. Georgia supposedly has a really good team this year (is projected to go to the SEC Championships- not that that really means anything).  And seeing as TCU lost to Baylor yesterday, I think it'd be cool to see Boise State and TCU both go down in the same weekend. Just saying. It would kind of make me smile. That being said- if Boise State has as good of a team as they claim to have, this game could (like the LSU/Oregon game) show us how the SEC stacks up against the rest of the nation, and maybe even put Boise State in their place.

Friday, September 2, 2011

C.S. Lewis Printables.

I'm definitely on a gray and yellow kick right now (which is really strange because I hate the color yellow). And since I'm kind of in a class on C.S. Lewis's writings, and he had some interesting things to say, I thought I'd make some printables. To procrastinate doing my readings and writing my papers and all. Makes a lot of sense, right? These three images are 8.5 by 11 which means they should fit perfectly on a regular sheet of paper. I say should because I meant to make them 8 by 10 which would provide necessary room for borders and all that jazz and would make it easier to print at a photolab...but I got a bit mixed up. So, let me know if you run into any trouble and I'll try and help you.

I've uploaded the files to MediaFire since I can't get them to work right on my domain. The images are actually pretty good quality, it's just Google pixelated them a bit when I uploaded them to Blogger. Bummer. But, I promise they look pretty!

Download here.
Download here.

Download here.
And...yeah. Let me know if you have any questions...or if you like them, like the colors, etc. I'm planning on posting a "Printables" section on my website after I get the glitches figured out. Yay! 

I love good deals.

It's really not that big of a secret that I love Erin Condren. I mean, I have a Life Planner and when I see it, it makes me smile. The only thing I'm really not a fan of is her prices. I mean, I get that the products are really nice and all (and personalized!), but college student speaking- it's a splurge. I definitely can't get the notebooks, notepads and everything else I want (and pay my credit card bill each month). I'm assuming (based on the comments from previous posts) that you all feel the same way. Super cute- just not in the budget.

Well, I was reading Kelly's blog today, and she posted a coupon code that one of her readers had passed along. It's for twenty-five dollars off your order- not too bad, huh? The code is SEEYOUSOON25. I don't know how much longer it will last, so if you want to use it, you may want to hurry up. This code would make a Life Planner $25 (which while it is still kind of expensive, it's not as bad. Plus shipping obviously.)

Since I still had a credit to the site (because of the big mixup and my planner not getting sent), I knew that I wanted to combine the two. So, I decided to get the thing at the top of my "Erin Condren Dream List" at the moment. I really like her notebooks because they have lined paper and blank pages, and even a zip lock pouch! But, I didn't really like the "big girl" notebook, because it has calender pages, and I want to use this notebook as a journal. So, calender pages would get in the way. Here enters the Kid's Journal. It's basically the same thing, except no calender pages, wide ruled paper (YES!), and it's a dollar cheaper (haha). While it's not available in all the same designs, they had the one I wanted (Candy Lace). So, I ordered that one.
When I got to the check out, I saw that I still had a good amount left in my credits. So, I decided to add in 2 matching notepads. They will look like these ones below, except they will match the notebook. (This is something I kind of regretted not getting with my Life Planner because they are so cute!)

Grand total for this shopping experience (including shipping)? FREE.
This college girl is very happy. :)