Friday, July 6, 2012


Okay. Chattanooga recap. I decided that the best way to tell the story of the week would be to share lots and lots of pictures.

I have the best air mattress ever. Ever. It's super small (fits inside that tube) and the "holder" forms a hand air pump. Since it's so small, it's not too hard. :)

I was in the Gray group with another leader from our church, four kids from RPC, and a few more from the other churches that were there. We were "yard crew", which meant we mowed grass, used weedwackers, and trimmed bushes. The widow in the picture below warned me that the end of the world was coming and told me to remember to vote Republican in November when I went inside to use her bathroom. It made me laugh. :)

I think we mowed 10 lawns total. We also did some other stuff at two other houses (like with trees and vines and stuff).

Picture proof since I know that the thought of me mowing grass is hard to imagine. 

On Friday, we worked for half of the day and then we went to Ruby Falls. It was a ton cooler inside the cave than outside.

So yeah. That was Chattanooga. :)

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