Monday, December 2, 2013

A Christmas Bucket List

I feel rather silly doing a Christmas Bucket List. I mean, I don't have kids, so it's not like I have an endless list of Christmassy things to do with them- like going to see Santa! There's a few special Christmas traditions that my family has (like decorating our tree, going to see the Christmas lights, going to Christmas Eve service) that I really enjoy, but as I get older, I really want to start creating memories and traditions for myself. In this awkward stage of life, I CAN still create traditions. Yes, Christmas is about Jesus and family and all that- but it can also be about me exploring what holidays look like as a big girl! And that? That's exciting!
  1. Bake Christmas cookies.
  2. Watch all my favorite Christmas movies (Eloise at Christmastime, Charlie Brown, typical ABC Family fare)...and then some!
  3. Set up my Christmas tree in my apartment.
  4. Make a Christmas wreath.
  5. Decorate my mantle (with stocking!)
  6. Move Charlie in.
  7. Read Ann Voskamp's The Greatest Gift.
  8. Find and buy a nativity set! 
  9. Make an ornament for my tree.
  10. Bake a meal- a real one (not including chicken fingers!)- and invite someone over!
  11. Drink lots of hot chocolate.
  12. Make a Christmas playlist- and play it all season long!
  13. Wrap cute presents for the family.
  14. Try the whole gingerbread house making again.
  15. Get a soy Gingerbread Steamer at Starbucks!
What's on your Christmas bucket list? Any fun exciting things I need to add to mine? 

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  1. I will help you do some!! :). If I can. Leaving for Orlando 19-26. :). And I miss you so so much!! :) I want to read number 7 too. I just bought it. I'm reading that and she reads truth.

    Love you best friend!