Thursday, February 27, 2014

I wear purple....

I wear purple...
because I'm an overcomer.
because I'm fearfully and wonderfully made, and I'm starting to believe it.
for "someday babies".
because I'm more than a number.
because I'm more than a diagnosis.
because I'm more than a label.
because I'm not defined by a scale.
because food isn't good or bad, clean or unclean.
because life is about more than ER visits and treatment programs.
because I really want to live.
because I'm sick of living like this.
because I want to be independent.
because 1 in 5 will die of this disease.
because my worth isn't defined by a size.
because I want picnics in the sunshine.
because I want to eat cake at my wedding.
because I want to celebrate life.
because I don't want my future daughters (or sons!) to live like this.
because even my hardest days in recovery are better than my worst days in relapse.
because Toaster Strudels and pancakes and peanut butter are amazing.
because food shouldn't be scary.
because I'm worth recovery.
because recovery is possible.
because someday I WILL recover.


I also got someone else to join in on the fun!

Want to join in? Put on some purple, make a "I wear purple because" or "I wear purple for" sign, and snap a picture! Post it on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, tag it with #purpleproject and #NEDAwareness...and tell me about it! :)

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