Friday, March 20, 2009


Today, we made a trip with the family (mom,daddy,max,desi, and me) up to Birmingham.
We went to:
  • The Botanical Gardens: was a little cold. only went to the Japanese gardens. should wear walking shoes...not yellow boxes.
  • P.F. Chang's: lunch. fried rice and chicken and a diet coke. liked the food. creepy spotlght thingamabob in the bathroom.
  • The Summit: Anthropolgie. Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn Kids (bought really cute polkadot tissue box cover for $5), Gapbody, and Urban Outfitters. Boys went to Apple store.
  • Whole Foods: really good organic food. least an hour, maybe more. :) i like this store. i mean, they make an offbrand SmartWater...what's not to love??
All in all--fun day. Now, to get some sleep before the Footprints 5K tommorrow!! :)

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