Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the climb

there's always gonna be another mountain,i'm always gonna want it to move.always gonna be an uphill battle,sometimes i'm gonna have to lose.ain't about how fast i get there,ain't about waiting for what's on the other side.its the climb.

so, i am def. in love with the hannah montana movie soundtrack. i bought it today from wal*mart.com ($9+tax). and yeah...its the new fav. but, for some reason, i really like this song. its on the movie preview, so i heard it there first. its like, for some reason, when things start going really great, other things start popping up. always another boulder in the way of where i'm going. but in the end, it doesnt matter how fast i get to then end, or what will happen next, its about the lessons and experienced i have along the way. its about the climb. the journey of life.

on another note: a prayer request. one of the blogs that i've been keeping up with brought the story of this little baby named Stellan. he's 4 months old and was supposed to born with severe heart problems, but when he was born, they couldn't find anything wrong with him. but, over the weekend, he got sick and his heart began to not work right. Please, go here and get updates on his story and pray for him. (Also, his mom has an amazing way with words and an amazing faith in God). thanks.

so, i think thats all for today.
thats all folks!

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