Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day Eve

I'm not worried about tomorrow.

Will I vote? Yes. Do I have a certain candidate that I feel like would be better for America? Definitely. But, even though I don't know who will win the election tomorrow or what the next four years will hold for our country, I do know who holds the future. I know who knows, and has knows, what the coming days will hold. No presidential candidate will change that. No president can change it. No policy will change what is to come in the eternal, everlasting kingdom. What happens here in America tomorrow will not be of everlasting, eternal significance. It won't be a "sign of the end times". It won't be the end of my world, because I'm not from here, this world is not my home, I'm invested in the Kingdom of God- not the kingdom of man.

There are a lot of hurting people in the world today. Realistically speaking, no presidential candidate will change that. They don't have that kind of power. They may make promises, lots of lofty goals. But in the end, the only one who can heal all of the hurts is Jesus. In the end, I hardly think that this election will matter. In the end, I hold on to the promises of God- that his love never fails. I know that God is in control. One candidate winning over the other will not stop the "end of the world" from coming. Only God knows when the day of judgement, the time of trial, the Day of The Lord will occur. But, he already knows it. He's known it for awhile now. Presidential candidates don't have control over God.

If the end of the world is on its way, I'm ready. I already know who the victor will be. I know who's side I want to be on. While hard times may be ahead, I'm ready. I know who will win the final battle. Good will prevail. We already live in a fallen world. We already have hard times. I have hope, because no matter what tomorrow holds...I know who holds tomorrow. Its like the old hymn, "Because he lives, I can face tomorrow. Because he lives all fear is gone."

So go. Vote. Do your civic duty. But, remember where your true citizenship is from. Remember who is really in control (and its not those pesky pollsters). Don't fear the outcome of the election (and I've heard fear from both sides). Don't you know how powerful the God who created the universe is? Can you trust that he already knows the outcome?

Seek hope. Drive out fear. Trust God.

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