Tuesday, December 18, 2012

three random things

This blog post is going to be totally random. Sorry for that.

1. While I finished up classes about 2 weeks ago, my brothers still have had school. Max is a freshman this year, so he is getting to be exempt from his midterms (which makes him really happy). The other night, Mom and I were talking about a text that I sent her back in my Freshman year of college. It was a silly little text sent after my theater class, and I told her in the message that I was dropping out of college and joining the circus (I was kidding of course, but she wasn't sure if I was serious or not. Silly Mom. Circus animals are stinky and I don't like heights!). In the midst of our conversation, Max decides to chime in that he's dropping out of school to become a traveling country-western performer. And from that...this song came forth.
I should add that my brother is pretty talented. That's all improv...he came up with the lyrics as he went. :)

2. I'm totally addicted to Netflix these days. I love the fact that I can watch Disney movies (hello, Pocahontas and the Brave Little Toaster), documentaries (Pompeii...I love history), and interesting TV shows (Deadliest Warrior and Sherlock) all in one place (Yes, I know that I have a wide variety of interests...only I would watch Brave Little Toaster and Deadliest Warrior back to back). For some reason, I got this idea that watching LOST would be a good idea...it wasn't. Watched about 15 minutes of the first episode and freaked out. I somehow didn't know about the whole "plane crash onto the island" thing or the "big scary jungle monster" thing...which just isn't good for someone with flight anxiety who is scared of scary monsters under the bed. Sorry that have the entertainment tastes of a five year old.

3. I'm ALMOST done with my grad school application! I haven't written about it on my blog yet, but I'm applying for a Masters of Social Work program at the University of Alabama (yes, I'm an Auburn fan. But this is the only place in the state to get a MSW). Now if my professors will just send in their recommendation letters, I'll be done with the grad school application (and just have two pages left for a school of social work application). Writing essays isn't my favorite thing to do over Christmas Break, but luckily they weren't too difficult. It's possible that I brought up some humor in my essays (like the time that I was out delivering Thanksgiving food boxes with some people and a man answered the door in his underwear), but whatever. Maybe it will make the reviewers giggle. :)

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