Monday, June 24, 2013

Bucket List

I've added some things to my bucket list! Here's just a sampling of the things that I have on it.
  1. Learn Greek and Hebrew so that I can study the Bible from the original text.
  2. Visit a foreign country.
  3. Get married.
  4. Have kids.
  5. Adopt.
  6. Do something completely stupid, reckless, and crazy- but not immoral. :)
  7. Write Bible curriculum for kids.
  8. Recover.
  9. Share my story with others.
  10. Become a yoga master.
  11. Clean my room.
  12. Have a cat named Kitty.
  13. Read Augustine.
  14. Swim in the ocean without fear.
  15. Spend a day aimlessly meandering through the streets of NYC.
  16. Buy a meal for a homeless person.
  17. Find a place of ministry- whether it be vocational or volunteer.
  18. Ride an elephant.
  19. Pictures with all the Disney princesses.
  20. Get CPR certified.
  21. Read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books again.
  22. Send a message in a bottle.
  23. Build toy ships with cute kids and bring them to the beach to sail.
  24. Do a silent retreat.
  25. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
  26. Elope?
  27. Learn Spanish.
  28. Teach English.
  29. Learn to knit/crochet. I have all the stuff.
  30. Pet a giraffe.
  31. Memorize a Dr. Seuss book and tell it to my poor future children every single night.
  32. Plant a garden.
  33. Learn to like green things.
  34. Prove that mustard and pickles are related.
  35. Prove that Jagulars live in Alabama.
Do you have a bucket list? What things do you have on yours?

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