Monday, June 10, 2013

My Plans for the Fall

I feel like I owe you guys an update on my life...

I know that I talked about going to grad school a little bit ago, but I haven't actually posted a whole lot on the process of getting to this point.

A few months back (back when it was cold outside and you had to wear a coat), Mom and I went on a little visit to a special little town.
I know that these chimes are important, but I'm not exactly sure why.
I'm moving to Tuscaloosa in the Fall!
This is kind of a hard thing for me. After spending a year at Auburn, I kind of became an Auburn fan. I hated Alabama. But now? I'm going to be getting my Masters from there (it's the only place in the state to get an MSW).
For the longest time, I've said that I wouldn't get tickets this fall. I love college football, but I hate the crowds. Plus, I have this huge fear that I'll have nobody to go with and it will be lonely and boring. But, the other day when I checked, they STILL had one ticket package. It was for four games (2 SEC, 2 smaller ones), and I decided to go for it. I know that some of you probably think I'm crazy right now for not getting online the day that they went on sale. But- I did it. I got my tickets (So if you know anyone or have any tips for gameday- let me know). 

I'm still undecided on this guy. I think I called him "Satan" too long.
Another thing that I you can't see in the pictures is that I have an AU sweatshirt on underneath my Mom's jacket. Kind of forgot about it until I was talking with an apartment salesperson.Oops. I need to work on being a better Alabama fan.
So, I'm headed to Tuscaloosa in the fall. I'm really going. :)
This is where I'm living. It's a really cute complex...that's totally not built yet. Not that I'm freaking out or anything. :)

And that is "what I'm up to" and what I'm planning to do with my life! Yay!

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  1. Ok me and Bryan will come down and help you!! And maybe convert you to the good side. ;) hahaha. :)