Friday, July 24, 2009

show us your life!

So, as I'm sure I've previously mentioned, I'm a blog addict (or blog stalker...but I prefer addict to stalker) and one of my absolute favorite blogs to read is Kelly's Korner. She has some of the cutest, coolest things. Anyways, these past few months, she's been doing this BlogHop called "Show Us Where You Live". Not in a creepy, stalkerish, which-house-on-the-street-are-you-kind-of-way, but show off your living room/dining room/playroom thing. Which is all good, unless you are the eighteen year old living in a dorm room/nineteen year old living at home with the parentals. I mean, my kitchen in AU wasn't much to brag about. It consisted of a microwave sitting on top of a refridgerator. See?
As you can tell, it was kind of hard for me to do "Show Us Your Kitchen" week. And then, I guess you could say once I moved into the new room, we kind of had a dining area. One that doubled as a desk when I was studying and a great place to play mancala. But, the dining area really didn't last once I determined the space was needed more for studying than for eating cereal and ramen.
Now, "Show Us Your Master Bedroom" and "Show Us Your Children's Rooms" would also have been fun to do. If I had a Master Bedroom and some children with rooms. But, seeing as I was confined to lovely room 301....that was not an option. If we had "Show Us Your Super Amazing Smallish Dorm Room That You Share With A Roommate"...well...that might have been possible. But, "Show Us Your Foyer"? Well...I still am not sure what a foyer is. So. Can't do that one.
I mean, I could have taken pictures of my home-home. But, I don't think the madre would appreciate that too much with the munchkins that run around the house and don't clean up after themselves. But, for your enjoyment...this is what my door looked like at Christmastime.
And then last week, we got to "Show Us Your Children's Birthday Parties". Great idea to get ideas for 6 month old Baby Harper's party, but I really don't think she wants to know what I've done for my birthday. I mean, this one time when I was four...we had a party for my daddy and I made everyone wear hats.
That's what happens when I plan parties. Everyone has to wear a hat. I think that's why when we threw parties for people in Auburn I was designated as the cake batter and frosting eater rather than the party planner. Though, I was the one that chose the venue for Kayla and Lyndsey's joint birthday weekend extravaganza.
So yeah. Now we're to "Show Us Your Wedding Dress" week. And once again..I'm not married. But, I decided to play along anyways. Because I should be studying for the APTT, but I would rather procrastinate. So, as of today, money no option, this is what I like:
I want a princess wedding, and yes...I have it all planned out. I had to find something to do other than study, right? It's all planned out. I'm going to get married a Cinderella's Castle in DisneyWorld ( I know, you can't. But...I can dream!) to a German prince from France that lives in Morrocco named Pierre. He just doesn't know it yet.
And we will live happily ever after with our fourteen cows, seventeen llamas, fifty-six maids/butlers/cooks (those kinds of people) and seventy-seven children (and their names will all start with the same letter....we might just have to repeat a few names. the Duggars will be jealous).

And that's my life. :)

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  1. I really liked reading this post! You are too funny!