Thursday, July 2, 2009

i'm so gangster you can find me baking cookies at night...

Top 5 favorite YouTube movies of the moment:

5. "25 Things I Hate About Facebook"- I know, I'm totally guilty of doing most of the things that Julian Smith hates about facebook, but still....

4. "Nail Salon"- Better than Bonquiqui. Like times a million. Because, we all really want to know what the Chinese ladies behind the counter at the nail salon are really saying.

3. "Los Dientes" - I like this. It may be creepy to some, but I find it hilarious.

2. "I Work At Subway"- To the tune of one of my favorite songs...about one of my favorite restraunts.

1. "Thug Story"- If they sold this on itunes, I would buy it. Taylor Swift may be a better rapper than me though. Because "I like your shoes. They're white and blue. With pink and yellow polka dots too" just doesn't have the same ring as "I'm so gangster you can find me baking cookies at night" does it?

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