Thursday, August 13, 2009

fried zucchini and ice cream.

Once upon a time, Lauren and Alicia (who are BFFs forever, btw) went out to lunch at Flips.
Lauren: I don't think we're eating very healthy today.
Alicia: Zucchini's healthy right? Even if it is deep fried.
After eating a quite unhealthy, but very delicious meal, they headed across the street to the Marble Slab Creamery Ice Cream place. Lauren liked her Birthday Cake ice cream with Sprinkles very much, but had to watch it as she was eating it to make sure it didn't end up on her nose. Because that would be uncool.
While they were at the ice cream shop, the girls discussed all sorts of things. Trains (no, not the choo choo kind!), cupcakes, and such. They had so much to catch up about since they hadn't seen eachother in a month. Sadness. Because they are BFFs forever, remember.
They had so much fun in the ice cream shop that the lady that served them probaby thought they were crazy. And the old lady in the van...she thought they were high off of something other than ice cream. Which they weren't. Because they're good girls that don't do stuff like that. And then, they walked to a boutique in the shopping center that they thought was a florist. But, it sold baby clothes and monogrammed stuff and cute picture frames. Oh- and cups for a bachelorette party so you don't have to use the ugly red kind. Because. Yeah. That just looks sketch.
Then, they drove home to Walmart. They saw this car on the way home. It made them laugh because it was silly. They hoped that this wasn't what people really called the driver of the car. What a tragic nickname. License plate gone wrong. Epic fail. So sad.
Then, they proceeded to dance to Hannah Montana.
Lauren: Look, no hands!
Alicia:I'd feel alot safer if you'd drive with your hands.
Lauren:But, we're stopped at a stoplight.
Alicia: Just saying...
When it was finished, they arrived at Wallyworld for Alicia to pick up her car and Lauren to get some flour and taco seasoning.And they lived happily every after as BFFs forever.
The End.

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