Tuesday, August 11, 2009

yes and no.

Yes, you're on the right blog. I know, the layout has changed to a much simpler looking one. I like it. I think the old one was too busy. And looked too much like my Mom's (just kidding, Mom).

No, it hasn't been a month since the last layout was up. I know, I'm addicted to making these things. But I love my Photoshop Elements. And learning HTML tricks. :)

Yes, it is the last week of summer vacation. It's sad. Starting next week, I won't (or shouldn't anyways) be posting blogs or facebooking as often.

No, I really shouldn't be sad about aforementioned fact. I really shouldn't spend as much time as I do online. But, I really like to facebook/blogstalk people. It's fun. You should try it.

Yes, seventeen hours sounds like a lot to me. I know, you grew up taking twenty-seven hours and walked to school in the snow. Ten miles there and thirteen back. But, I have a car...and seventeen is five more than twelve (what I took last Spring).

No, this post really didn't have a point. Other than to get some pertinent imformation across. And to use some big words like, "aforementioned" and "pertinent" (I used spellcheck Mom, so they should be spelled right). Because I like big words. And Chickfila. I love Chickfila.

Okay. Ending post now.
Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No....YES!

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