Saturday, August 15, 2009

"you have 2 choice in life: be ordinary or extraordinary."

To do before I get old and gray and can't do them anymore:
  1. Graduate college.
  2. Fall in love and get married.
  3. Have kids (after number 2!)
  4. Dance in the rain.
  5. Go to New York City.
  6. Become fluent in another language.
  7. Plant a garden.
  8. Run/walk a marathon.
  9. Win a game of minesweeper.
  10. Book a flight on short notice and just go!
  11. Change someone's life.
  12. Learn to do yoga...and be good at it!
  13. See a broadway show (see number 5).
  14. Learn to sew my own clothes.
  15. Buy and decorate my own house. Maybe a renovation?
  16. Learn to ballroom dance.
  17. Do something spontaneous (and number 10 doesn't count!)
  18. Travel to a foreign country.
  19. Learn to bake a great cake.
  20. Find a cause to be passionate about.
  21. Go backpacking.
  22. Learn to be content.
  23. Go to a ball.
  24. Change the world.
  25. Find the cure for something.
  26. Learn to bellydance.
  27. Change the world.
  28. Conquer my fears.
  29. Live in the now.
  30. Go to England and find Harry Potter.
  31. Learn to rap.
  32. Teach.
  33. Lead someone to Christ.
  34. Go on a mission trip.
  35. Adopt (a kid...or a cat).
  36. Read through the entire Bible.
  37. Invent something.
  38. Become a real blogger (and have more than one reader!)
  39. Visit all 50 states.
  40. Make a wish on a shooting star.
  41. Ride an elephant. Or a camel.
  42. Climb a mountain.
  43. Go to the Olympics.
  44. Go to every Disney park in the world.
  45. Invent my own flavor of ice cream.
  46. Be a mentor.
  47. Visit a castle.
  48. Own a small town bookstore.
  49. Visit Hollywood and meet someone famous.
  50. Be in 2 places at once.
"Desire is the starting point of all achievements, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen, pulsating desire which trancends everything." -Napoleon Hill

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