Thursday, October 8, 2009


The TV show I like to watch seem to come in phases that rotate through the seasons. I'm still trying to figure out why a show can't be on all year long and run on Spring/Fall and Summer/Winter type schedules. It doesn't make sense. Like, last fall I was all into Secret Life and Greek. They were my shows. I didn't miss them. And then ABC family decided to trade them in for Lincoln Heights. I'm not a fan. So...I got into Discovery Health and TLC. You know...The Duggars and The Gosselins. Yes, I like Jon and Kate Plus 8. Pre-divorce. Too much drama now. And then, Secret Life came back on in January, so I watch that (and made fun of it) until the season ended again and I resorted back to TLC. And Toddlers and Tiaras.
So, then I came home for the summer. And Secret Life came back on. And then went off again (are you seeing a pattern here, because I am). So, I was at a loss for what to watch. Because I don't really watch TV on a TV. I watch it online. And you know, Hannah Montana and JONAS gets old after awhile. So, then I heard from a friend about this great show called "Glee". It's about a high school show choir and it's kind of like a musical. Kind of like High School Musical for big people (older than preteen big people). And...I admit. I love it. (And I can watch it online)

So, yeah. I'm love Glee. I think it's pretty amazing.

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