Friday, October 9, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Tailgates and Favorite Teams

So, I know that alot of my posts around here have revolved about Auburn. I mean, I only lived there for a year. :) So, anyways, when Kelly's Korner decided to do a blog hop about tailgates and favorite teams, I HAD to join in.
Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
You see, I haven't always been an Auburn fan. We moved to Alabama when I was 4, and my family never decided who we should "go for". I remember growing up, we would always have Auburn/Alabama day during homecoming (you know you live in the South when...). I would always just "go for" whoever my friends were. And the team I picked was usually the one that lost. Imagine that. I always said I never wanted to go to Auburn or Alabama. They were too big- and I hated football. But, come senior year, I decided to apply to Alabama. And then Auburn. Because I didn't want to regret it later. And somehow or another, I decided in April that I needed to go to Auburn. But, I still wasn't a fan. And I still hated football. There was no way I would be attending a game with 80,000 people. Oh no. But then, I had some people at church tell me I needed to go ahead a buy some student tickets. Or I'd really regret it later. Or something like that. Turns out, tickets sell out like 2 minutes after they go's apparently a big deal. So, by some miracle...I got tickets...yes, me. The one person at Auburn who really didn't want any.
I went to my first Auburn football game in August 2008. All my friends were going, and it's not like there was anything better to do. So, my friend Ivy that had tailgated her whole life (or something like that) and I went to the Wesley Foundation tent to tailgate.
Then, we found out that AUMC had a tailgate. So, we started tailgating with them. Now, I should probably explain what I mean by tailgate. Because, by tailgate, I mean, you can have like 4 canopy tents, a camping tent, a firepit, some big screen tvs (oh-we tailgate next to a really cool guy that has a tailgating trailer with like it). And food (don't forget the grill-yes, it might have caught on fire last year, but the firefighters next to us didn't really want to help...they were a little out of it.)And beanbag games. Because it's an all day event. And we have to entertain ourselves somehow, right? We go all out.
Somewhere in the middle of all of this I became an Auburn fan. One thing that has been mentioned before on Kelly's Korner is how all the SEC girls like to dress up. And by dress up, I mean, dresses and heals. I'm still not completely sold on the idea myself. I mean, I have some navy dresses in the closet, but when game day comes, I'm really leaning towards the shorts and a t-shirt. I value my comfort a little when it comes to waiting in the stadium for 2 hours prior to the game (student section is first come first serve...except for the fraternities) and then 2 hours outside the gate before that. I mean, Auburn is in the South and it gets a little warm outside in August/September. And October. But, once you get into the stadium, there is something in the air that I just can't put into words. I love it. The feeling cheering for your team (though I'm still not lovin' the yell leader. I think he needs to get off the podium and quit annoying me. He takes my focus off the game).Oh- and the really cool And when the eagle flies around the stadium everyone yells "Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Eagle!". I love Auburn football. Now, if Chizik can help Auburn win the Iron Bowl this year, that'd be great.
And the opening videos during pregame are pretty cool, too. This video is this year's video, but I think they changed the song and some stuff after the first game. But I like this one. :)

War Eagle!


  1. Visiting from Kelly's Korner! WAR EAGLE!

  2. Enjoy these college days....they go by too fast! One year you're in the student section, the next you're toting 3 kids with you to the games to enjoy the AUburn experience!


  3. Great Saturday football...I have a great giveaway on both my blogs that will be given away this weekend....and all you have to do is hope you will stop by.