Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I went to lunch with my best friend from high school and a couple of her friends from college today. We met at Zaxby's to eat lunch and then at the end of the meal, we took a picture. I mean, we did have her boyfriend there and he had to be put to use somehow, right? It would have been kind of hard to do the "stick the camera an arm's length away" for four people, right? And, I have to say he did a decent job with my camera that is not cooperating and not so great lighting. :) We only look slightly awkward, but this was the best shot. It's photoshopped, of course. We looked a little blueish. I had to fix that. :)
I haven't seen Alicia since this past summer. Which isn't all that long...but it's kind of sad when you live maybe 20 minutes away from each other and go to school maybe 10 minutes from each other. We're gonna have to work harder on that one!
So, I'm convinced that my camera is about to die on me. Now, I have had this feeling for about a year now. But, now all the pictures I take are blurry(and I don't move that much!) and the colors are all weird. Like, as I mentioned before, in the pictures from Zaxby's our skin was bluish. And we looked weird. Oh- and my camera sounds like a dying cat (not that I know what one of those sounds like, but it sounds like I would imagine a dying cat would sound). So, I don't think that's a very good sign. Just saying. Not cool. :)
I have to mention that I felt grown-up today. I mean, getting dressed up cute to go to lunch with friends sounds like a really grown up thing to do, right? :) And the whole, "getting back together with high school friends" sounds like I'm reminiscing, right? But, it also kind of scares me. I'm really growing up. In like 3 years, I'll be working. At a real job. With real kids. It won't just be tests and assignments for me...I'll be the one doing the teaching. In 3 years, I'll be living my own life...not with my parents, at least. I'll have to do all the cooking and cleaning. And laundry. That's scary.
I'm not sure I really want to grow up anymore, come to think of it.
I feel old.

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