Monday, November 23, 2009

jon and kate.

I'll admit. I'm a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8.
No, I haven't seen every single episode. (But, I do have the book.)
I'm sad it ended. Or should I say...I'm sad how it ended.
I've said from day one that there comes a point in time when the show had to come to an end. I was really hoping for a "the sextuplets walking into the first day of Kindergarten" ending. I was definitely not wanting a Jon/Kate nasty divorce thing. Because, I'm a fan of Jon AND Kate. Not Jon plus 8 or Kate plus 8.
I'm sad it ended on a sad note.
I'm sad it didn't have a fairy tale ending where they reconciled and made it all happily ever after.
I'm sad they've become a statistic.
I'm sad that this is what the kids will look back in their family videos.

Regardless of what people (TLC) say, there is no normal life for this family anymore. Kate can't go back to working as a nurse. She has become a celebrity, whether she likes it or not, until the media dies down. Yeah, in a couple years, she might could return to the workforce. But until then, how can she care for the eight if she doesn't do something? Same with Jon. And the kids? Who's going to care for the kids? Um...hello? There's eight of them. I'm pretty sure they're going to have to work more than three days a week. Just sayin...

Fame. There's a downside, too.
And this is just one example of why I never want to be in a reality tv series.

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