Thursday, November 26, 2009

lydia's miracle.

One of the many blogs that I stalk is The 30 Day Journey for Hope. It tells the story of a family of seven, two are adopted and two have Down's Syndrome. I think the reason why I like this blog wo much is the joy that radiates from each post. Even through a heart surgery for their daughter Hope, they looked for the positive.
Last week, the family was reading Crazy Love by Frances Chan. The mom encouraged the children (that were school-aged and able to read!) to find ways to live out their faith and be "crazy about Jesus"! Eight days ago, Lydia, the eleven year old, came up to her mom and asked her if she raised $20,000 before Thanksgiving if they could adopt Darya, a child with Down's Syndrome from an orphanage through the organization Reece's Rainbow. Of course, the mother said she would probably not be able to do that. After all, $20,000 is a lot of money.But, she responded that, yes, if she by some chance could raise the money by Thanksgiving, they would know that God was in it and would travel to adopt Darya.
I have to admit. I was skeptical. As of Monday, she only had $7,000. She raised this money by doing bake sales, going door to door, and some from posting on her Mom's blog. Yesterday morning, they had $13,000. Lydia posted updates that exemplified childlike faith. She didn't wonder if God was going to work it all out how she wanted, she just trusted and believed wholeheartedly. Kids sent in little girl gave her $20 she was saving to buy a digital camera.
This morning, I checked the blog to see if Lydia had met her goal.
She didn't just meet it.
She surpassed it.
As of now, they raised $26,550. The excess is going to help another family that is adopting from Reece's Rainbow. And...donations are still pouring in.

I think that this shows that when God shows up, anything can happen.
When I read this morning, I felt chillbumps. For real. I mean, what if we all lived with complete trust in God and that he would provide, given we're going where he leads?

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