Saturday, January 2, 2010

Random Ramblings.

If you haven't already noticed...Christmastime is over and the New Year is here. That being said, I still have a few last minute pieces of 2009 pieces to post.
Firstly...we made Gingerbread men on Christmas Day. Here are some pictures. I envisioned this superdedooper post with a bunch of pictures and a cute little story...but it failed. So, instead you just get some cute pictures. :)
Secondly...Max and I just returned from the youth ski trip up to Winterplace in West Virginia. It was cold and snowy (haha...I know, you'd never expect that one!). Max skied, and I played the role of lodge mommy. Cue cute, snowy pictures here.
Finally, we get to the year twenty-ten. I decided to do a Project 365 this year. A Project 365 is a pretty easy concept. You post one picture a day for three hundred and sixty-five days (that means a year!). Instead of taking up a bunch of space and causing confusion on this blog, I started a new blog to post the pictures at. I'm still going to blog here though, don't worry! For my Project 365, I'm just posting pictures and not blogging about them. If you want to find the story behind the pictures, you'll probably have to come by here. Click on the button below to check out my Project 365 blog!

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