Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Ramblings.

I went to school. And then I drove to the happiest place in Alabama (that's Auburn, fyi. Not Disney. But Disney is pretty cool too). And then, I studied. And then, Ivy and I had tacos. And went to church. And studied Romans 12 (pretty cool, you should And then, I went nighty-night and was freezing cold. Even with the portable heater and a gazillion blankets.

I woke up. And spent all day working on a powerpoint on my unit plan for my educational technology class. But, it's really pretty and cute, and that's all that really matters, right? Yeah. And then Ivy and I had pizza. And then, we went to DIVE and sang really awesome worship songs to a really awesome God. And heard the Word (1st Corinthians 13). Always a good thing! And had an awkward moment with some Mormons. And then went nighty-night. And wasn't freezing cold because I moved the heater closer to me. Yay.

Woke up. Ate biscuits that were cooked by my awesome roommate. :) Ate a random lunch of tacos and pizza (yay leftovers!). Then, met up with people for the Auburn gymnastics meet against Georgia. Figured out that gymnastics would be a very painful sport. Especially for clumsy people. Saw Auburn beat Georgia for the first time ever. Got an ice cream craving (not good when ice cream makes you sick. Found out TCBY cake batter frozen yogurt is pretty awesome. "Awkward" became the word of the day. Came back to a complete power outage at the apartment. And a eerie sky. And trains on the train tracks. So, Ivy pulled out the flashlights. And we looked over camp scrapbooks for over an hour. And then, power came on. Bed soon. :)

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