Monday, February 1, 2010

makes me smile

  • sprinkles on cupcakes
  • making scrapbooks with cute papers and chipboard
  • taylor swift
  • homework
  • wearing sweats all day
  • being creative
  • listening to hillsong united on the way to school
  • singling loudly, off key to aforementioned album
  • spending last weekend in auburn
  • looking back at old pictures
  • working on unit plans....i always knew i should be a teacher
  • passion releasing the track list!
  • chainbreaker by charlie hall
  • new. duggar. baby.
  • the fact kids will be learning about honor in sunday school this month
  • the fact that i can make references to princesses in my lessons now (see above)
  • brownies with frosting
  • tuesday is tomorrow
  • tuesday is chickfila + publix day
  • edtech being canceled on wednesday
  • downloading cute fonts
  • sleep
  • life :)

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