Thursday, March 4, 2010


Last Saturday, Compassion International put on a concert in Nashville called "Help Haiti Live" to raise money for Haitian Earthquake Relief Efforts. During the show, Shaun Groves told a story about a little girl that he met on the Compassion Bloggers trip to India. It really touched my heart. I realized, after looking at the bank account, that I could make it work. I could sponsor a child. So, I went to to "pick me out a child". I knew that I wanted to sponsor a little girl. Because they pull at my heart like nothing else does. And on, oh-about page five, I found HER. The one. She has a smile that just melts my heart and she makes me happy. So. I did it. I took the plunge and I committed to sponsoring her. I'm waiting for my packet to get mailed to me (it's supposed to take 15 days) and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm excited about getting her picture in the mail and showing off her great big smile. I'm going to send her letters and pictures and most important of all--I'm going to pray for her. I'm going to help her she that she matters in this world, that she's loved by many people. She's already loved by me and I don't even really know her, and more importantly, she's loved by the creator of the universe, the savior of the world, the Lord Almighty.

Sponsor a child online through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry. Search for a child by age, gender, country, birthday, special needs and more.

This week, a group of Compassion Bloggers left the comforts of their life in America and traveled to Kenya. I am so excited that I get to read about their experiences. It's going to be an awesome experience (and secretly--or not so--I hope one day I get to go on one! I would love to get to meet Sandra someday!). So, won't you join me in praying for their trip and the people they encounter? I'm sure they'd all appreciate it. You can visit Compassion Bloggers to read about their journey and also a lot of them are tweeting about the trip! So, check it out! There's a button on my sidebar that you can click on, or you can click on the banner above to go to Compassion's site and figure out how to sponsor a cute kid of your own!

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  1. I love you so much and am so proud of you. :)