Friday, September 24, 2010

Blast from the Past

So, I'm pretty sure I've seen this on several of the blogs I read. And since I really like looking back at old pictures and such, it sounded like such a fun thing to do! So, please join me on my journey from baby years through high school graduation. And warning, this is picture overload at it's finest. :)

This is a picture that I just discovered tonight. As in, in my twenty years of living, I've never seen it before. But, my Mom assures me I have no long lost siblings and this is indeed me. And, I mean, it was with other pictures that I recognized and all. Notice the baby mohawk thing we have going on. Yes, I was a mohawk baby. I don't think it was an intentional thing. I think my hair just did it's thing.

The "hawk" is a little more pronounced in this one. I think it may have had some help, since it was apparently "cute". No wonder everyone thought I was a boy!

This is on my first day of 2 years old MDO/preschool. I think I was a little cute. And the "hawk" turned into a ponytail. So, I think that is much better.

And now we skip to Kindergarten. Since I can't happen to find my K4 picture. But, I assure you. It was pretty cute. :)
When I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to be "a mommy, I think" when I grew up.

When I was in first grade, I played Coach-Pitch. It's some form of baseball. And I remember not liking it. But, we got pictures made regardless. :)

 This is my first grade "official" school photo. I think I look kind of lost, but I really like my shirt. :)

When I was seven, I discovered being a big sister was harder than I thought. 

I also took the "worst school picture EVER". (Note to self: Never wear pigtails on school picture day unless you want to look like Pippi Longstockings and have people talk about it for years to come.) The below picture was my SPRING picture (therefore, not worst picture ever) because I can't seem to find the really bad one. Really. I can't. I tried. But, I think Mom hid it somewhere far, far away. It didn't even make it into the scrapbooks. 

Third Grade. 

Fourth grade. I think I look kind of lost. 

Fifth grade. I LOVED that dress. It was cotton and purple and made by Gap. Unfortunately, I outgrew it. Oh- and if I remember correctly, I got glasses like a day after school picture day. So, last picture ever without glasses. :)

Sixth grade. And the awkward years begin here with the haircut gone bad. Note to self: Cutting hair in a ponytail is normally not a good idea. Unless you want the finished product to end up MUCH shorter than you intended.

We're going to take a break from awkward to rewind to the days when I was super cute. Remember? This is me with my cat named Kittybaby. Original, I know. 

 Eighth grade band picture. 
The whole being homeschooled seventh grade thing meant no seventh grade picture.

Sophomore Year. Apparently I didn't get pictures my freshman year. No idea on the reasoning behind that one. I checked Mom's scrapbook and everything. No pictures to be found, though.

Apparently I really enjoyed the white button down over a tank top thing. 
Junior Year.

And we reach SENIOR YEAR. Here's your drape picture. 
I have some other ones that I like a lot better. I'll post those another day though.

And I found this one last picture. I think it finishes off the set perfectly. Yay graduation!

And that's all the picture overrload for today, I suppose! That was fun. :)

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