Sunday, May 22, 2011

what I wore this week

I see these fun bloggers post each week about the cute outfits they where and I’m secretly jealous. I know, I know. I shouldn’t be. It’s my own choice to wear nike running shorts (even though I’m SO not a runner) and a tshirt. But, this week, I issued myself a challenge. It was simple: Dress cute. I did really good last semester not looking like a total slob (to the point someone asked me if I was sick when I wore sweatpants one day.). I even took pictures…because I really like cute pictures. Haha.

Shirt- From church. We had a kids activity that night.
Jeans- BR

Dress- Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan- Target
Hair Flower: Little Lesiw

Dress- ??
Belt- Vintage

Shirt- Forever 21
Cardigan- Target
Jeans- Old Navy

Shirt- American Eagle
Jeans- BR

Friday- No picture. This was one of those aformentioned shorts/tshirt days.

Shirt- American Eagle
Shorts- Old Navy
It was actually really fun dressing up all week (except Friday). And taking pictures. Can this count as Project Life? Haha. It kind of helped that I'm interning at my church this summer (yay!), so I feel like I probably shouldn't show up looking like a slob. We'll see how long that phase lasts. :)

If you were wondering, I used my bookcase as a tripod. That would be why I'm bending down awkwardly in some pictures. I promise I wasn't intentionally trying to be super awkward. I try to avoid that kind of stuff. I also just realized I don't have shoes on in any of the pictures. Apparently I like to put my shoes on right before I walk out the door. I promise they were cute too. I'll try to take better pictures next week. (And find a better tripod!) Yay! 

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  1. you're so cute! i LOVE your shirt from wednesday.

    my resolution for the winter semester was to dress cute. i failed. so i resolved to do it this summer, for real. it's going pretty well so far. i took one picture of an outfit last week; i'll have to take more and post them on the blog.