Tuesday, August 16, 2011

in my google reader lately...

The Sandwich Bag by Amy Beth
This post touched my soul this week. I love the emotion that Amy Beth puts forth in all of her posts related to mothering her oldest foster child, but this one is something special. It's something unique. It talks about something a lot of people would rather forget- the time before a child entered "the system".

Date a Girl Who Reads by Caitlin
This post is old. I admit it. But, when Nicole posted a link to Caitlin's blog, I just HAD to check it out. And I mean, I'm a book girl. I'm a "girl who reads". So, while Caitlin didn't write this little segment, I'm linking to her...because that's how I found it. 

I Love You, Too by Nicole
I love me some Beth Moore, just like this sweet girl. I like these lines the best, "There will never be a time where I say “I love you, Lord” when He didn’t just sing it over me.  I can say, “I love you” because He loved me first.  He always initiates the love. He is the love." But, I really think you should click on over and read Nicole's post for yourself. :)

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  1. That post by Amy Beth rocked me. I just can't imagine. And isn't "date a girl who reads" the best??