Saturday, August 20, 2011


This morning, I began to reminisce a little. Okay, maybe more than a little. it all started when I used the wrong email address to log into Blogger and I discovered my blog from my Senior Year of high school. I mean, wow. That seems like it was so long ago. But, four years ago, I was starting my senior year of high school. Now, I’m starting my senior year in college. Crazy stuff.
Then, I found my Xanga (which was kind of sort of a blog) from my Freshman/Sophomore years in High School. I’m pretty sure I was crazy insane back then. I really don’t remember being that weird (I feel like I can call myself weird. I mean, I’m talking about me!). This was the girl that thought purple streaks were cute, orange hair was cool, and was completely obsessed with Harry Potter (I mean OBSESSED. You think I like him now, you didn’t know me back then).
Then, I found some old pictures. And I’m like “Wow. I’m really old.” I remember when twenty-one seemed so far away. But, now? That’s me.
So, I was thinking about doing a link up party. Since I like baby/kid pictures and reminiscing on the past, I thought you might, too. I just took pictures of the pictures that I had and uploaded them here. After all, I was born back in the Stone Age before digital cameras. So, grab your old pictures, snap them, upload them, and post them on Blogger. We all want to see your pictures- from that cute baby smile to the awkward middle school hair! Link up at the bottom of the post (after you see all my cute pictures, of course) and have fun laughing at the way we used to be! :)
This was me as a baby. I was pretty cute if I say so myself.
old 002 old 004 old 008 old 003
I was pretty precious-adorable.
old 009
old 012old 011
old 018old 010
Me and my grandmas. :)
old 005   old 030

Then, a baby joined our family. His name was Max.
old 017  old 026 old 028 old 029old 025 
Then, I grew a little older.  And things got awkward. And another baby joined our family!old 007
old 024old 022 old 023 
old 001
And…then we get to high school- where I apparently look the same as I do now! So, now it’s your turn. Blog those pictures and LINK UP!

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