Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seriously? It’s been WAY too long since we’ve stopped to chat.

I am so sorry that I am an awful blogger. I mean, it's been eleven days of silence around here. I'm not sure what happened, because I had several posts drafted, but none of them posted (look for this weekend). I'm also working on a summer scrapbook/mini-book. It's super cute and all, I'm just waiting on some pictures to arrive in the mail to finish it up. I'll post pictures and stuff when I'm done. I've also done a little work on my website this week. It's not exactly how I want it yet, but we're getting there. Check it out at if you want (or click "Home" on the light blue bar in the header). I'm pretty thrilled about getting my photography blog done. Now, I've just got to add in pictures and such. I'm definitely not a professional or anything, but it's sure a fun hobby! Here's a sneak peek.

Oh darn. This girl is just too busy. I move back into my dorm room a week from this Sunday (crazy stuff. But, I love my roomie! She is awesome amazing.) This weekend (well, tomorrow), I'm going to the ATL to party it up at the Women of Faith Conference (guess who scored floor seats? this girl and her momma.) I'm super hoping for some Chickfila at the Dwarf House tomorrow for lunch. We'll see. Oh- and some H&M. I love cheap clothes.

All my kids at church go back to school on Monday, so I'm pretty sad my summer of excitement is winding down. On Sunday, I become the 4th and 5th grade sunday school teacher. I'm pretty sad that all my kiddos are growing up. I mean, this is the beginning of my third year with them (minus a semester break). I remember when they were starting 2nd grade and could barely navigate that big book called the Bible. Now, we have speed drills. I'm just so happy that I get to teach them all of these wonderful things. And then my youth girls. Don't get me started on them. My "babies" that I led in small group when they were 6th graders are now 8th graders. Seriously kids. Stop growing up. You make me feel old. :)

And, we'll end with one last quote via Pinterest. Don't ask me where I got it, because I forgot to pin it (and just saved it to the computer), So, I really don't remember. Just know that I didn't make it...and if I figure out who did...I'll post it. Kay? Thanks. :)

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  1. Sounds like it's been a fun summer! I can't wait to hear about your experience at Women of Faith. I'm considering going when they come to CT in November.

    It's exciting when your kiddos grow up. I'm having the same feelings over the littles that I babysit. The oldest is going into HIGH SCHOOL this year! I wish I could freeze them though, make them stop growing. :)