Tuesday, August 30, 2011

true life: i’m pretty sure my dorm room has poisonous mold.

I feel like I should start by saying I LOVE my college. HC is amazing (with the exception of the loop it through me a week before school started, the lack of air conditioning during the first three days, and the amount of theology that I’m required to read on a daily basis- but that’s beside the point). BUT. I’m pretty sure there’s poisonous mold growing in my bathroom. Read on to learn more and be totally grossed out.

It all started in my super cute bathroom. See Exhibit A for example. My adorable roommate brought up bubble baths last night. And me, being the super awesome person I am really wanted to take on. Since she’s super sweet and all, she picked up some dye free, sensitive skin kind with Elmo on it while she was at the store today. (Along with colorful bath fizzies to make colorful bubble baths!- See Exhibit B for that one!)

0822111535a.jpg@0822111535a.jpg_0822111535a 0830112019

But sadly, as she was pouring in the bubbles tonight, she discovered something awful. Here enters Exhibit C.


Mold. Black mold. That I’m pretty sure is poisonous, but my Chemistry major roomie won’t test it. Let’s visit Exhibit D. Science majors? Anyone want to identify this growing fungus among us? (Haha. I’m so funny. I know)


Oh- and when we put water on it (after Tilexing it!) , it grows back. Examine Exhibit E. Yep, it’s official. I need to wear a mask to bed. I don’t want this entering my nostrils and spreading through my body! (In addition to the fact that my room smells like Clorox.) Um. This is gross.


True Life. My dorm room has poisonous mold. (And I promise it was clean in May when we cleaned the bathroom!!)


  1. You need to use something that contains bleach so it is more likely to kill it. The bleach also must stay wet on the surface for 10 minutes before it completely kills it. That may mean that you have to reapply the bleach several times in order to keep the surface wet with bleach for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you can wash off the bleach. Hope this solves your problem!

  2. Hope you get rid of it soon!