Monday, November 14, 2011

dorm decorating

It's no secret that I love color. I cannot stand living in a room with all-white walls. Which makes a dorm room pretty difficult to live in. But, I've figured it out as I've went along and made do with what I had. After all, I'm grateful that I get to go to college and live on campus. It sure makes getting to my 8am a lot easier! With the invention of Pinterest, I've gotten all sorts of inspiration on how to decorate this thing. I'm still not done hanging everything up, but I thought I'd post where I'm at right now. Keep in mind, I moved in this room six days ago (from down the hall, but I still had to pack everything up and take everything down and then put it all up). Sorry for the terrible pictures, I just had my phone (which doesn't have a great camera) but I wanted to get this blogged.

On the left, you can see my "desk" area. It also has my TV and printer and all that jazz. I got the "bunting" idea from Pinteres and made the triangles out of scrapbook paper that I already had. I didn't use a pattern or anything, I just drew 2 triangles on a 12x12 sheet and cut them out using scissors. Then, I taped them together and used sticky tack to put them on the wall.
On the right is the "hallway" from my "room" to my door. It's also where my "kitchen" is (by kitchen I mean my microwave and fridge...haha).
 Here's my bathroom. I know that's an odd thing to post on your blog, but I think my bathroom is pretty cute. It's all polkadotted!

And finally, this is my "bed area". Yes, my bed is outrageously high. Yes, I have to jump to get in it or I use a chair (Just not the spinny kind. That tends to make you slip and fall. Trust me.) But, it gives me lots of storage space, which I like. :)
Then, we have my dresser. Currently it has some things that I haven't hung on my wall yet (ran out of command strips) and my creativity print from elisejoy.
 And that's a tour of my dorm room. Kind of tiny, but it's cozy and I don't have to share it with anyone- which is really nice. Yay! Not that I don't hanging out with someone, but it's nice to have my own space. Now that I'm done with some decorating tonight, I'm working on a paper for my C.S. Lewis class on biblical womanhood and marriage and watching Matilda. Because it's kind of a favorite. :)

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