Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hey, I know I'm a day late on this. But, seeing as #33 on my 101 in 1001 list is to write down everything that happens on 10/10/10, 11/11/11, and 12/12/12..I wanted to make sure I didn't completely forget. You can see last years post here and probably tell that I put way more effort in to that one. But, that's okay, because we're making memories! We're going to do bullet points this year, because that's how I roll! :)

  • 9 am-ish: Wake up and get ready to run errands in town with Mom and the boys. Yay for an Inservice Friday!
  • 9:55 am: Actually leave the house.
  • 10am: Max goes to guitar lessons, while Mom, Desi, and I make a Goodwill run. No really good deals for me, but Mom and Des find some things.
  • 11am: Lunch and Bowl! Daddy left work to come meet us for lunch at the bowling alley while we did a little bowling. Not the greatest game on my part...I think I got around 45 points. After bowling, we ran by Krispy Kreme and got some doughnuts...yum. 
  • 2:30pm: Max had some friends over to the house for a "jam session". Which really just means it was really loud. 
  • 3:00pm: Mom and I decide to escape the madness and run up to WalMart. Always a fun experience.
  • The kids were picked up around 4:30, so we finally got a bit of a breather.
  • Then, we ate dinner. I had a panini. It was yummy. :)
  • That night, we had a lazy at-home night and watched some Disney Channel. Then, I went to bed around 9:00-9:30...because I like my sleep and we had a busy day planned for 11/12! 
And that was my 11/11/11. Yay! :)

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