Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Link Love

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, but every now and then I like to link to some of my favorite blog posts that I've been reading lately. Coincidentally, I've read fifty-bazillion blog posts on contentment in the last week (okay, I was over exaggerating a bit). I think that's God's way of passing along a message to me, but I want to pass that message on to you. I think that finding contentment in our situations is HARD and it never really gets easier. But, there's got to be a way through it. I know I don't have all the answers, and neither do these ladies, but I've found their posts to be helpful in the past day or so.

  1. I Don't Want to Raise a Good Child- Lysa TerKeurst- When I grow up and become a mom, I hope I can have the attitude that Lysa does. In this post from last week, she shares the story of her daughter Hope and how she's learned to find contentment as a mom from God and not the other people that surround her. Even though I'm not a mommy, there's still a lesson in the story for all of us.
  2. The Monster- Nicole- In this post, Nicole shares about how jealousy can steal contentment away from us. How many of you have been there/done that? When we compare ourselves to other people and jealousy sets in, our joy is stolen from us. We lose the desire to rejoice in the moment. Is it possible to be content in a world that says "Get married and have babies right now)? You'll just have to read it for yourself. 
  3. God's Promises- Jamie- The girls over at Fearless are teaching great things, guys. Great things. If you haven't subscribed to this blog yet, go over right now and click that button. In this post, Jamie comes to the conclusion that "Sometimes we all just need a little reminder that we're not in control". This is so true. Following the lines of Nicole's post, there are some things that we cannot control. We have to lay them at the feet of Jesus, so that our joy will not be stolen away. We have to come to grips with the reality that we are not in control of our lives, and we need to stop stressing out when things don't go our way.
  4. Moving to Africa Without a Husband? Yep. Sure Am.- Jenn- I just found this sweet girl today. Jenn is moving to Africa...without a husband. In this post on her blog about her journey to Africa, she discussed the conversations that she has with other people (and God) about moving to Africa as a single. Things like "Who will kill the bugs and baboons?" to "How are you ever going to find a husband over there?". I love the manner that she presents her message. It's not going to be easy- and she's struggling with it- but, God has promised that he will provide. So, she will trust him. I mean, he made Eve out of a rib and Adam from dirt. I'm pretty sure he can manage something if it's in His will. 

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  1. I love when you do this!! I always get to read such great posts.