Monday, February 6, 2012

questions, questions.

Okay. I give up. I've been tagged in this silly game too many I'm going to do it! I really admire Annie's effort with video blogs for each response, so I wanted to incorporate that somehow- but, I wasn't confident enough to do that many blogs. So, for April and Katie's questions (and my 11 facts), I'm going to blog. And then for Annie's questions, I'm going to video blog. So, it's like the best of both worlds, right?

So, to with, I'm supposed to tell you the rules of the game. They are as follows:
  1. You must post the rules (check!)
  2. Post some facts about yourself. Katie and Annie told me to post 11. April told me to post 12. 
  3. Answer the questions that your "tagger" (or "taggers") asked in their post.
  4. Ask 10-12 questions of your friends. Tag ten, eleven, or twelve people. (Because I got three different numbers.)
  5. Let them know you've tagged them so they can play this game, too!
Okay, so we're going to start with my facts.
1. I love monograms. They are pretty much my favorite thing ever. If I get bored in class, I'm prone to doodling this monogram. I really hope that when I get married, it doesn't mess up my monogram, because I really love mine. 
2. I want to be a princess when I grow up. I know that this dream is completely unrealistic, but I'm okay with that. As long as I marry my Prince Charming, I think things will turn out okay. 
3. I want at least five kids when I grow up. I think adoption is amazing, and definitely want to adopt at least one kid, if not more. I also want my kids to grow up with a knowledge of the world and how incredibly blessed we are. So, I really want to homeschool my future children so that we can travel and do mission work and stuff. From an early age, I want them to fight against the injustice in the world.
4. I sleep with three stuffed animals. Yes, I'm twenty-one. I have a bear named Allie, a puppy named Aubrey, and a flamingo named Flamingo. Aubrey lives at my house, Allie lives at school, and Flammy travels back and forth with me most weekends (he's the most recent addition, because I got him from Santa this Christmas!).
5. When I grow up, I want to have a library in my house (picture "Beauty and the Beast"). I have this dream of filling it up with children's books so that all the kids in the neighborhood can come to my house and check out books anytime they want. It would have reading corners with beanbag chairs and stuff, too. I think that reading is so important to a child's development. Imagination is a great thing!
6. When I'm all alone in my room, I watch Disney Princess movies and dance around my room like I have a ballgown on. Am I five? No.  Is it a little ridiculous? Yes. But, that's okay. I also like to sing the songs with the movie. (Sidenote: When my best friend and I saw "Beauty and the Beast 3D" together, it took all I had not to get up and swirl around. I also cried. You just couldn't see the tears through my 3D glasses.)
7. While I really like planning my future wedding and stuff, when it comes down to it- I want a really good marriage. I want my wedding to reflect God more than me- and I want my marriage to be the same. While I want to have a pretty house and pretty babies, the only thing that really matters is that God is reflected in everything. More than anything, I want my life to be the life that God wants- not what I want. 

8. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do when I graduate. I keep making plans, and I feel like God keeps shutting the door. It's really scary (Eleven months!!), but I know that God will take care of things in the end. (My biggest fear is that God is going to tell me to move to Africa or China or India or Haiti or something crazy like that- does that make me a bad Christian? I'm having serious guilt issues here.)
9. Pink with sparkles is my favorite color.I feel like if you don't already know this, you don't really know me.
10. My favorite letter is Z. This is because in "Dr. Seuss's ABC's", the Z page has a "zizzer zazzer zuzz", which is the coolest thing ever to say. It's kind of my favorite children's book- but "Green Eggs and Ham" might be a close second.
11. For my birthday this year (22!) I really want a Barbie cake. You know the one with the Barbie body/head sticking out. I want it to be a princess. If you can't tell, I'm a preschool girl trapped in a "big girl" body. This party is BYOPD (that's "Bring your own princess dress"). 

Haha. That was fun. Now on to the questions!

1. What would your dream job be? Princess. Duh.
2. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 5 things would you want with you? (you can't say a boat, or something like that...) A cell tower and a cellphone (so I could call my daddy to come save me!). Max (he's really resourceful and could figure a solution to the problem). Internet (so I didn't get bored while Max was finding a way to save us). And food (so we don't die).
3. If you could own any car, what would it be? Carly. She's my car (a Corolla) and I really love her. I don't think I want any car but Carly. :)
4. What inspired your blog name? I like princesses (such as Cinderella). But, I'm not your everyday Cinderella- because I'm not ordinary and I'm not prissy (most of the time). I don't really remember why, it was back in 2009 when I came up with it. That's a long time ago.
5. What is your biggest pet peeve? People who text/ do stuff on their phone while driving. I'm precious cargo people! Precious cargo!
6. What was the last book you read? Do you recommend it? Postmodernism 101 by Heath White. I read it for a class I'm in this semester and ended up loving it. I think I'd recommend it, if your the scholarly/like to read books/philosophical/religious type.
7. What is one thing on your Bucket List? Learn to belly dance. Don't laugh. You know you wish you could.
8. What era in time do you think you would enjoy living in for a week? I think it would be really fun to be Amish for a week. I'm not really sure if that's an era (because they're still around today), but I think it'd be fun to live in the Early America/ traveling out West in a Wagon time period. But just for a week. The 1960s would be neat, too (like the Civil Rights Movement).
9. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cupcakes.
10. What was your biggest epic fail moment of 2011? Honestly, I can't share that one. This is a public blog and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Just know that I'm still reaping the consequences of it and that it's making me question my career choices.
11. If you could have any super power, what it be and why? Turn to goop.(Sky High anyone?) It would be cool. :)
12. If you had $500 of free money to spend on anything, what would you buy? Books. Lots and lots of books. :)

1. What did you want to be when you were a child? A mommy. :)
2. What is one national landmark you’d like to visit? Mt. Rushmore. I love old dead guys. :)
3. Which celebrity would you pick to play you, if they were making a movie about your life? A movie about my life? I have no idea.
4. What’s your favorite animal? Ocelots and Flamingos. I can't choose between the two.
5. What’s your favorite book? Um, the Bible? (Religion major?) In reality, it's probably Harry Potter. He kind of changed my life.
6. What is one thing you want to accomplish this year? Graduate college!
7. Do you think you’re smarter than a 5th grader? Of course! (I'd really love to be on that show. I'm pretty good when I watch at home).
8. Have you ever invented anything? Yes. I make up my own words all the time. Like ginormous. :)
9. If I dared you to would you sing “Love Shack” on karaoke night? Negatory. I don't do karaoke.
10. What is one thing you want to do before you’re too old? Run a marathon.


Okay, now it's time for my questions! Yay! I'm asking 11 since that's the average of all three! :)
1. What is your favorite pair of shoes that you own?
2. What is your favorite quote? (Not Bible verse, we'll get to that later!
3. What is your favorite bible verse (or your life verse, or your favorite book of the Bible, whatever)?
4. What is your favorite book and why?
5. What is one thing that you couldn't live without?
6. If you could tell your thirteen year old self one thing, what would it be?
7. What is your dream job? (Princess would totally count.)
8. What would you miss the color of most if we lived in a black and white world? (Think Wizard of Oz here)
9. What is your favorite craft project that you've made or want to make? (Link up to a tutorial here if you have one!)
10. What is your catchprase (or one thing you find yourself saying over and over again)?
11. What is your favorite flavor of cupcake (cake and frosting)?

I know that you're supposed to tag people in this thing, but I kind of feel like everyone I know has already been tagged. So, rather than upset someone by leaving them out, I'm going to leave this open to anyone. If you haven't been tagged already- go for it! Leave a comment with a link to your post so I can check out your answers. If anyone would like to follow Annie's lead, I'd love to watch some more video blogs. They're quite funny! :)


  1. Your answers are SO fun!!! A lot of what you said I can relate with. I can tell that we are similar in lots of ways!

  2. About that princes cake.......

  3. First: I love your monogram. But I'm sure it will be just as pretty when you get married!

    I smiled when I saw your comment on your blog name because that's been your blog name for as long as I've known you and that's been since 2009!

    I laughed out loud when I saw that your favorite animals were ocelots and flamingos. Partially but my brother used to have an obsession with ocelots. Oh my goodness! That reminds me that way back in the dark ages of my blogging {read: 2007, maybe 2008}, I blogged about ocelots. I should find that post for you. Anyway, I also laughed because I think ocelots and flamingos are on the opposite sides of the animal spectrum. Then again, jaguars and dolphins probably are too, so I guess I may as well laugh at myself, too, right? {And I do. Frequently. Because even I think I'm weird.}

    I love "We Are"! I've only heard it a couple times but it's such a good song.

    What do you mean, "I don't have to fly, right?"?!

    Actually, flying isn't my favorite either. I don't mind the flight itself but takeoff almost gives me a panic attack.

    AHHHH HI! I love that we've been blog friends for - what is it, almost two years now? Can you believe that?!

    I can't whistle either. Ahh! Twins.

    "Lauren: belly dancer" sounds awesome. I'll be looking for you!

    Graduation doesn't sound silly. I feel like I spend a large amount of time just living for that day.

    "It's a chocolate milkshake!" hahaha. I'm sorry about your stomach issues!

    I saw that movie this year! It was on tv and just about the only thing on. Doesn't it have Julie Andrews in it?

    I mess up definitely too, especially when I'm typing really fast. Also, when you started talking about tomorrow I started spelling it in my mind because I couldn't remember how many Ms it had. haha!

    J. K. Rowling would write an amazing biography of your life. That would be awesome. I love Harry Potter.

    I LOVED your vlog! I'm so glad you chose to do this! And I apologize for what quite possibly is the longest comment I have ever left. Ever.

    (You're welcome.)