Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Being Still.

I encourage you to take time to
slow down
so that
you can
fully experience the moment.

I think so often we're apt to busy ourselves
with things that really
don't need to be done.
We keep ourselves busy
so that
we don't have to "feel" these feelings.
It's kind of a protection mechanism.

The NASB translates Psalm 26:10 as
"Cease striving and
know that I am God".
Can you practice that today?

Can you allow yourself to
be still for
a moment
so that you can hear God
speak into your life?

Can you fight
through the uncomfortable
feelings that it may bring?
Can you stop trying so hard 
just for a day?

Allow yourself to
feel sad.
Allow yourself to
feel happy.
Allow yourself to
feel whatever 
you are feeling,
and run with it!

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