Thursday, May 21, 2009

#14 Blogs. :)

I think it's time for a list of my favorite blogs out there and why they are my favs... ready?

4. : I found this blog through the Footprints ministry and it was actually the first blog I ever was really addicted to. And through her I found MckMama and the rest. Angie (whose husband is in the band Selah) went through the loss of a child, and then went to India (a year later). And she has blogged about her experiences and how she has seen God at work in it all. Which I find absolutely amazing. :) This is a pretty easy blog to get addicted watch out! :)

3. : Okay, so this mom rocks (but not as much as mine!!). MckMama and her MSC (many small, adorably cute, children) have plenty of adventures of their own. Her youngest, Stellan, was featured on the blog earlier and she used the blog during that time to give updates with him, but the blog has been around since her first (Big Mac) was little. Raising 4 children under the age of 4 (no twins) is an adventure, and her blog has provided me with hours of procrastination. Not sure of that's good or bad. And she has cute kids. That have cute names. Like Small Fry. And wear cute clothes (sidenote: has the CUTEST legging things ever made. seriously.yes i checked it out. no, they don't make big people sizes.) Yes, I am in love with this blog. :)

2. : This guy is pretty amazing if you ask me. He is single daddying a beautiful little girl after her mommy passed away 27 hours after her birth. His story is inspirational, but also funny. He also has a twitter account that he posts pictures from throughout their day. And he uses the site to raise awareness and funds for other widows and widowers raising children. You can see a button at the bottom of my sidebar for the Liz Logelin Foundation, and you should check them out! :)

1. :so, i don't know how many of you guys have ever seen the Unofficial Official All Things Wetumpka blog, but if you haven't, you should. I laugh harder at this blog than anything else. The things that get brought up are why I love living in a small town. I mean, who else would write about the bickering at a city council meeting? Or mini-reunions in WalMart? It may not always be the most PC...but that's the way I like it! :)

There you have it. My 4 favorite blogs at the moment. School's out for the boys, so it looks like my mommy/daughter time is done for a while. Which, by the mom ( just got a new layout. I did the header, which I think looks amazing! And of course, I love her blog you should also check it out!! :)I'm working on getting my room reorganized and getting unpacked from college now that I am moving back home for awhile. I mean, I have to unpack my suitcases sometime, right? I'm starting to run out of clothes!

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