Sunday, May 24, 2009

#16 baby faith hope

i don't know how many of you all read my everyday lauren blog, but if you do, you will see a link on the sidebar to baby faith hope's blog. baby faith is a little baby that was born with anencephaly. most babies with this disorder only live a few hours, if that long. baby faith lived 93 days. that's 13 weeks and 2 days. she went to be with jesus on saturday night.
i think it's really a sad thing that so many babies aren't given the chance to live and their mommies terminate the pregnacy. so many doctors deem them "incompatable with life". but baby faith's mommy says on her blog that faith, "is totally conscious and is as responsive as any "normal" baby. She is very sensitive to touch (especially when it's cold!) and can definitely hear. She smiles, cooes, cries, and is a feisty little girl ;) She knows what she likes and dislikes and she'll let you know it --she has her own little personality that we just can't get enough of. We have been shocked by her development... from day 1 she was smiling and saying baby words ("boo" "gee" "happen"... too funny). She could lift her own head from birth and when she sat up on her own at 5 days old, needless to say, we were quite amazed". i'm sorry, but does this baby seem "incompatable with life" to you? yes, she only lived 93 days...but she LIVED 93 days. she breathed on her own. she had a feeding tube, but only because of a facial deformaty that prevented her from being able to suck on a bottle long enough to eat enough.
myah, baby faith's mom, kept a blog of everything faith did in her 93 days of life. pictures, videos. i highly encourage you to watch them. and next time you think a baby is "incompatable with life"....think about baby faith hope.

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