Sunday, June 21, 2009

busy busy busy...

Since writing last Wednesday, I've been busy busy busy.

Busy...watching Desmond finish off his baseball season. We started in April and just now finished. Now, we get to relax a little before football season begins in late July. :)

Busy...figuring out how to work the amazingness called Photoshop. I just got it Thursday and am still figuring out how to use it. But, thanks to a couple really cool websites (like this one), I made a new blog layout. Or two or three. :) And a new header with old pictures. I also learned how to edit pictures and make faces from one go to another. Like the one below taken when I moved into my dorm in Auburn last fall. Mom took two pictures and I looked better in one, and Daddy in the other. So, I combined them and voila! Perfect Picture! Cool, huh?

Busy...getting things together for another busy week. I'm babysitting for the PTO on Monday, and for a family at church on Tuesday and Wednesday. And I need to clean my room. And finish removing the wallpaper in the bathroom I started removing three weeks ago.

And my week since Wednesday.

Oh-I almost forgot. Happy Father's Day, Daddy! :)

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