Wednesday, September 23, 2009

one lost camera cord and a broken photobucket editor later...

last saturday, desi had another midget football game. i think my brother is the best midget footballer ever. i may be biased, but he did score not one...not two...but THREE touchdowns. i think that should count for something.
mom and i watched the game from the stands while daddy coached. max was less than amused with the game and much preferred his iTouch and some "sheep launcher" game. don't ask. you really don't want to know.
and mom and i took chaco pictures when the game got boring...or rather, less exciting. because we love to take pictures of the chacos. that go everywhere. you know...the baseball park, the football stadium, the lake, the beach, the river, the batting cages (where mom lost one of hers and found it on the porch a month later....i'll have tell you about that some other time)...and who knows...maybe Africa next summer? :) because we're cool like that.

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