Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ten things.

10. I hate end of semester with a passion. Work, work, work...and then finals. And frankly, I'm pretty unmotivated at the moment to study.
9. "It sounds like bacon" -Max, referring to a tire on Mom's van going flat.
8. I miss Auburn terribly. And my social life. That's pretty nonexistant right now.
7. Tomorrow is Dead Day, which means NO classes. Yay.
6. In the next week, I have four finals. Two of which are at 8 am. Yikes.
5. I need to do laundry.
4. I made super cute recipe cards yesterday for a potluck at church. See?


3. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life right now and what the future looks like. Except that a school and kids may be involved. And probably teaching. But honestly...I have no clue. Except for the fact I'm not going to medschool. I don't like germs.
2. My Christmas tree needs a tree topper/bow. Preferably before Christmas. And preferably something pink.
1. I just realized my recipe card matches my blog layout. Score. :)

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