Friday, March 4, 2011

friday musings.

So, the other day, my daddy sent me an email with this link in it.
And it kind of inspired me.
We live in an "anybody can be anything if they set their mind to it" culture. 
And I've always wanted to be an author.

This might be the way to my dream.
While it's not something I would consider for a full-time career, it's definitely something to do on the side.
While I'm not thinking I will become a millionaire writing Kindle books, 
It would be something fun to do.
A big project to work on.

So, I'm plotting and planning.
And figuring out what kind of book to write.
What genre.
Nonfiction vs. Fiction.
Maybe a collection of Lauren-isms? (Haha, totally kidding).

Oh Fridays.
Inspiration hopefully coming this weekend.

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