Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh dear.

Today has been a long day.
I've just spent the last hour working on stats homework while watching the Bachelor.
I did the first part of my Bible Reading for the day.
I turned in my Room Draw form for next year! It feels so amazing to know where I'm going to live and who's going to be my roommate!
I went to a Lenten Bible Study/Covenant Group tonight. I think it's going to be really good. We're studying the last 24 hours of Jesus's life.

But, after all of that...
I still need to finish my Bible Reading for today...and some of yesterday.
I need to study for a math test on Thursday.
I'm pretty sure I still have some reading for Religion to do.
I thought I had the grocery situation under control, but seeing as most of my food is moldy....eww.
I have some interviews to do before class on Friday.
I need to do my Project Life post for last week. And round up all the pictures.

Busy, busy, busy.
I'm a busy bee. :)

{Other miscellaneous information}

Good News- the new Passion CD comes out tomorrow! Kaitlyn's copy came in the mail today and it is amazing. If you haven't bought it yet, it would be a worthwhile investment. The fountains song is my fave. :)

A Little Rant- Okay. So. This isn't really related to the above commentary on my busyness. Rather, it's a Bachelor rant. Okay, so like all season, I've disliked Michelle. It's no secret. I was pretty sure she was a jerk and wondered what Brad saw in her to keep her around as long as he did. But, on the "Women Tell All" episode tonight, all I wanted to do was hug that poor girl. All of the girls started attacking her and telling her how awful of a person she was. While her actions weren't all righteous...I don't think the right response was humiliating her on public television. Honestly, people. That's just not nice. I think Michelle has realized as she watched the show the last few weeks how wrong her actions were. Now, it's time to offer up forgiveness and move on. As in, move on to the next episode. I'm on Team Emily and I think that she would be perfect!

And now...back to homework.
Bible Reading and The Bachelor...that's a pair! Haha! :)


  1. Your Passion CDs came in the mail today too. Did you want me to go ahead and make sure they are okay? JK.

  2. don't you hate when you feel like you've accomplished so much and you have as much or more on your to-do list? it's just awful.

    i totally agree with your rant about the bachelor. i don't watch it, but i think to call people out in public is rude and unnecessary. it's doubly awful that this is the type of thing being used for public entertainment. hopefully the next episode is much better!