Monday, April 18, 2011

monday link love.

Since my laptop (that I love oh so dearly) has decided that the screen no longer wants to work unless I hold it at an incredibly awkward angle with my finger pushing on the screen (I've diagnosed it with LCD Matrix failure from doing a little research on YouTube and the interwebs, we'll see what Dell has to say about it in the upcoming week), I'm taking a brief break from the covenant study (since all my research is on my sick computer). Lucky for me, HC gives a laptop to each incoming student. So, all I have to do is switch stuff over and I'm a-okay until Dr. Dell fixes my luckily-still-under-warranty computer. I'll be working on that for the night, but I thought I would leave you with some links that have been on my mind this past week.

  1. Is Mother Earth human? And does she deserve global human rights (such as "the right to life and to exist; the right to pure water and clean air; the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered; the right to have nature’s processes free from human alteration.")? That's what the UN is debating this week. Apparently Bolivia wants to stick up for Mother Earth. What gets under my skin is these Bolivian government officials care more about the planet than the massive amounts of poverty in their country (and around the world). The earth deserves pure water? What about the humans?
  2. Nicole wrote this wonderful post on her experience at Living Proof Live in Little Rock this past weekend. While I know most of the points she makes are from her notes from Beth Moore's talks, it is simply wonderful and really made me think. 
  3. Amy Beth has become my inspiration. Like really, I want to be like this girl when I'm twenty six and have the passion to live it out for God like she does. Just when I think I'm close, she goes out and becomes a foster parent. (Which means, keep her in your prayers, guys.) Most 26 year old single women would not go out of their way to take in two teenagers and a toddler. Just go read every post. I really can't pick one (but the ones she talks about corn nuggets and buffets are pretty funny. Just saying. If you need somewhere to start).
  4. I have a pinterest now. (Haha, it took me long enough to figure out!) If you want to see how my wedding planning is going (haha. No worries. Not engaged. Not in a relationship. I just like weddings.) or look at pretty pictures and might want to check it out.
  5. Annie posted the following picture on her tumblr this week. And it made me smile a wee bit. I love stereotypes. Especially when we're talking about Alabama. (Note: I love my state and all the ridiculousness that comes with it. But, I also like to joke around and be silly about how we're fat, happy, stupid rednecks that carry around guns. Or at least, that's what Obama thinks.)  
And my dears...that's all for today. :)

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  1. I burst out laughing after you wrote, "I just like weddings." You are the third blogger friend of mine to get a pinterest. I'm still debating the wisdom of following suit, haha.

    Don't you love that map?! Michiganders are apparently drunk lake people. Except that because I live in the lower peninsula, I just read it as lake people, & I can roll with that.