Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my heart is breaking.

I'm not sure I can even put how I'm feeling into words.
I know I'm supposed to hate Tuscaloosa.
I loath the University of Alabama with every bit of my being.
But, I would never wish this on anyone.

And my heart is breaking for the city of Tuscaloosa.
The families impacted by this storm.
The students displaced.
I started crying when the reports started coming in.
I put myself in their shoes...and I can't imagine.

Prayer is a powerful thing.
At the moment, 15 people are dead in Tuscaloosa and 50 in the state as a whole.
They are estimating that number to rise.

Pray for Alabama.
Just pray.
Pictures not my own obviously.
From Twitter.
Figured they wouldn't mind the prayer.


  1. Hope you get some sleep tonight. Weather radar looks to be clear for Montgomery and Wetumpka the rest of the night. See you tomorrow.

  2. i'm definitely praying, lauren! this is awful. it definitely put my dissatisfaction with michigan's weather into perspective - getting wet is nothing compared to the destruction these tornados are wreaking.