Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap

Yesterday was Easter.
This week is finals.
Makes for very busy girl.
But, I'm taking a study break, 
So I thought I could post some pictures.

We'll start inside.
My church is celebrating "Christmastime All the Time".
It was a sermon series my pastor did at the beginning of the year
About how we need to Pray all the time, Serve all the time, etc.
So, all that to say, we still have a Christmas tree up at church.
Don't judge.
I know you wish your Easter pictures were in front of a Christmas tree.

Now to the outside pictures.
Every year, we take pictures by the flower cross.(See 2009 and 2010 pictures)
If you haven't figured it out by now, I didn't make my dress.
Just not interested in looking like a clown.
We'll fix it a bit and finish it and I'll post a picture.
Promise. I like embarrassing myself like that.

So, here are our two "cropped down" pictures I like the best.
I'm not a fan of the family picture (so I'm not posting)
And I secretly think the last one should be our Christmas Card picture.

Hallelujah! The Lord has risen!
Now, let's just remember...
The tomb is STILL empty.
Jesus has STILL risen from the dead.
Death has STILL been defeated.
It's not a once a year thing- It's an all the time thing.
May our lives continue to reflect this- not just in the Easter season.

Maybe it should be Easter-time all the time!
Haha! :)

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