Wednesday, April 20, 2011

retail therapy.

End of semester is almost here.
One more day of classes...and then finals.

Since Sunday is Easter, I needed some Easter shoes.
I found them after searching for approximately 30 minutes in a shoe store with no air conditioning.
But they're cute. And white. And ruffly.
But you can't see them until Easter.
Since they are in my car.
(I didn't want to forget them when I went home)

Since I was out and about in Sketchville
(Well, there was a shooting in the parking lot a few weeks ago)
I decided that I should do a little looking around.
I remembered I needed some index cards and tape for finals.
(Well, index cards for finals...tape for when I need tape)

I also went to a cute little shop where I found this.
It's a toothbrush holder.
I've needed one all semester because my hairbrush is right next to my toothbrush....
And you know what that mean.
2 dolla. Steal of a deal, right?
(It's almost better than a 5 dolla, 5 dolla footlong from Subway. Almost)

But my deal of the day?
My steal of a deal?
My best of the best.
It's this baby.

I've always wanted a bump.
But, this girl's hair doesn't want to bump.
Until Mr. Bumpit came into the picture.
We're bffs already.
And he only cost 1.45 plus tax.
I've already tried it once.
And let me tell you...I can give Snookie a run for her money.
Just watch.


  1. I'm thinking that the covenant series looks a lot better for future prospective employers. :-) Oh well, I guess they will know that you are for real. There's no way that conglomeration of your last 10 posts comes together under one person's blog unless it is real. Love you.

  2. I LOVE Bumpits! Poofs are my absolute favorite!
    {secret: if you don't have a bumpit on hand, just tease your hair..but with a brush and not a comb. spray a little hair spray FIRST, tease it, then brush it over. amazing.}